A Travesty Of Justice

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  1. The Republicans (Huckabee in particular) will get their serving of justice:



    New York Post
    by Steve Dunleavy

    The bombshell Whitewater convictions that my be President Clinton's
    darkest hour gave a middle-aged Arkansas housewife her brightest moment.
    "Now that the Clinton people are going to jail, maybe my husband will
    finally go free," Mary Lou Dumond told me in Little Rock.
    Her husband, Wayne Dumond, 49, has just spent his 11th year in an
    Arkansas jail.
    Many say that Dumond is the victim of one of the most bone-crunching and
    infuriating examples of Clinton-clan justice the country has ever seen.
    And now, because Clinton's alleged bagman, Gov. Jimmy Guy Tucker, is
    going to jail, Dumond is set to see freedom.
    "The new governor, Mike Huckabee, has assured me Wayne will be a free
    man," Mrs. Dumond said Thursday.
    "He is not one of the Clinton crowd. He is a very fair man. He has
    always been disturbed about the way the Clinton people never wanted my
    husband free," she added.
    And there was a very good reason for the Clinton people not wanting her
    husband to go free.


    The story of Wayne Dumond is not for the innocent eyes of the young -
    but every adult of voting age should read closely.
    These are the cold facts as an Arkansas court saw it:

    - A 17-year-old girl says she was kidnapped and raped on Sept. 11, 1984,
    in Forrest City, Ark.

    - Dumond, father of six, Vietnam veteran, churchgoer, was convicted in
    August 1985 of the rape.

    - He was sentenced to life PLUS 20 years.

    - An appeal by Dumond, under Gov. Clinton, got a response of: "No merit."

    What the public did not see, while Bill Clinton was governor of
    Arkansas, were the following very unpretty facts - which Clinton, despite
    countless personal appeals, ignored:

    - A genetic expert stated unequivocally that sperm found on the girl's
    jeans COULD NOT "IN A MILLION YEARS" belong to Dumond.

    - The victim identified two other men as her rapist but they had
    ironclad alibis and were set free.

    - She failed to pick out Dumond as her rapist when presented with a lineup.

    But now the clincher:

    - The father of the girl is a millionaire and one of Clinton's biggest

    But guess what? The girl is Bill Clinton's cousin. And her mother worked
    as part of Clinton's inner circle when he was governor.
    The worst was yet to come.


    On March 7, 1985, while Dumond was awaiting trial, two masked men with
    guns and knives burst into his house.
    They hog-tied him. They raped him.
    And then, with surgical scalpels, they castrated him.
    [Now get this]
    The sheriff retrieved Dumond's testicles from Dumond's blood- spattered house.
    The sheriff then placed the body parts in a jar that he displayed on his
    desk with the admonition:
    "That's what happens to people who fool around in my county."
    The sheriff actually took that jar to "a good-ol'-boys wedding."
    That is a fact.
    No reaction whatsoever from Gov. Clinton.
    [Now hold on to your seat for this]
    The sheriff - who didn't tolerate any "fooling around" in his county -
    would later be nabbed by the FBI for extortion and drug-dealing and
    sentenced to 160 years in jail, where he died of natural causes.
    Dumond's attackers were never picked up even though ONE OF THEM
    All this and Dumond still rotted away in prison.
    And Clinton, both as governor and president, ignored facts that
    surrounded the case of the rape of his cousin.
    "Bitter? Hell yes, I was, at first," Dumond told me from prison at
    Varner in Arkansas.
    But now, I think, I hope, things will change around. With Jimmy Guy
    Tucker gone as governor, one of Clinton's men, and Mr. Clinton running for
    cover, maybe the new man will have another look.
    "But strange as it may seem, it hasn't been all that bad these days. I
    have gotten a very good education in here. I think I am becoming a
    computer nut [wait until he discovers this BB]. I just miss my family, so
    "That girl? Well it's pretty ridiculous. Sad, but ridiculous.
    "She told the police that a man in a new red pickup truck, with no
    tailgate, drove to her house, burst in, forced her into her car, drove in
    her car to some woods, tied her up, committed a pretty terrible act, drove
    her back in her car and took off in her car and dumped it nearby.
    "Well, I drove a very old dirty brown pickup with a tailgate. Now, if I
    took her car, what happened to the pickup I drove to her house in?
    "She changed her story, how many times? I mean many times. [Well we know
    one thing, she sure had to be related to Clinton - changing one's story
    must run in the family.]
    "She was with this guy driving through town and suddenly, out of
    nowhere, months after, she saw me driving my old pickup truck. She told
    the guy out of nowhere: 'That's the man that did it.' She said I had raped
    "When it came to the lineup, she couldn't identify me. Suddenly she
    disappears into a room with her father and a cop who showed here a picture
    of me. She came out and immediately identified me."
  2. (continued)

    The outrageous identifying scam was exposed by a local cop who witnessed
    it all.
    Deputy Sheriff Henry Leary had the guts to go against his own and told
    the world of the scenario. Dumond was still convicted.
    "Oh yeah," Dumond told me, "she identified two other guys who were the
    rapists. They had an ironclad alibi. Then it came to me."
    Dumond was still convicted. Gov. Clinton remained silent.
    But of course at that time nobody knew that the girl was Clinton's
    cousin. The governor didn't mention it.
    After 4.5 years, with his freedom gone, his manhood gone, a five-person
    parole board recommended that Dumond go free for time served.
    John R. Steer, managing editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, records
    the following reaction from then-Gov. Clinton:
    "Clinton had a romping, stomping fit. The victim was a distant cousin
    and St. Francis County [where this all took place] had a lot of votes and
    he deeply resented the pressure to free Dumond."
    Clinton refused to sign a release.
    And Dumond rotted.
    Dumond has since been before the parole board twice.
    "They ask me: 'Do you have any remorse?' Well, I tell them straight. How
    can I have remorse for something I didn't do?
    "No sir, I will stay here until I die before I say I am sorry for
    something I haven't done."
    The day of the castration is not something that should be dealt with in
    detail [in a family newspaper].
    "My two boys, Michael and Joey, found me there after coming home from
    school. They cut me loose and got help." he said.
    "Sure I remember it, but do you really want to know the details?"
    Dumond's life was miraculously saved after he lost three-quarters of his
    As he lay near death, Sheriff Coolidge Conlee displayed Dumond's
    testicles in a jar.
    Still no reaction from Gov. Clinton.


    The Dumonds later won a lawsuit "of outrage." They cleared just $20,000
    from the settlement.
    This money came in handy however, because someone burned down the Dumond
    house when the couple were in hiding from vigilantes.
    No insurance was paid on the home.
    Can this story get worse?
    "Sometimes," said Mrs. Dumond, "I just want to give up. But now, who
    knows? The new governor has personally assured me that Wayne's case will
    be the first thing on his desk, after he clears up everything from this
    Whitewater thing."
    Dwayne Harris, a spokesman for Huckabee, the Republican lieutenant
    governor who will succeed Democrat Tucker, told me Friday that Huckabee
    "has voiced a very special intention to thoroughly review the case of
    Wayne Dumond."
    "I hope so," Dr. Moses Schanfield told me Friday. "This case was a disgrace."
    Schanfield heads the Analytic Genetic Testing Center in Denver.
    He was one of the experts dispatched to Bosnia to examine and identify
    graves after the civil war there.
    He did an independent Allotyping test of sperm of the alleged victim's
    jeans, which supposedly came from Dumond.
    "No way, zip, nada. Didn't happen. No way Dumond was the donor of that
    sperm," Schanfield said. "The girl's scenario of the so-called crime
    couldn't have happened. I didn't believe anything she said."


    Fred Odam, a retired Arkansas State Police captain told me "This was and
    still is a very bad day for justice."
    Odam witnessed Sheriff Conlee retrieving Dumond's testicles and later
    investigated the sheriff for the FBI.
    "I have been working to get that boy Dumond free for a long time. In all
    my time this is the one case when I know a man is not guilty."
    What was the crazed motive behind this disgusting affair?
    Why Dumond?
    Gene Wirges, a fiesty 67-year-old publisher of a local weekly who is
    writing a book on this mess, told me:
    "Well, a Clinton kin had to be revenged. The sheriff was on a hot seat
    and young Wayne had been talking to a church group about how cars were
    suddenly disappearing.
    "It turned out to be true. The sheriff along with his drugs, and turning
    the sheriff's department into a casino was heading up a car-theft ring.
    "When this girl said she was raped, the sheriff wanted to help out the
    Clinton clan [so that they might look the other way with respect to his
    illegal doings]. He would do anything for the girl's father and mother.
    "The truth, the terrible truth is, that one of the guys she first
    identified as the rapist but who had an ironclad alibi had been going out
    with the girl.
    "But the new governor has indicated to me on several occasions that he
    was more than disturbed about Wayne's case and the way Clinton and his
    boys handled this terrible thing.
    "You know, this is Arkansas. Right up until now this has been Clinton
    territory. Maybe not anymore."
  3. Ken Cook's commentary:
    I don't normally say this but please distribute this article widely - in
    a non-profit manner, of course. Give credit to Steve Dunleavy and the New
    York Post.
    I first learned of this disgusting case in a book by Guy Reel. The title
    is "UNEQUAL JUSTICE" and it is put out by Prometheus Books (1993) Wirges.
    The Guy Reel book is explosive and deserved much more attention than it
    actually received.
    Imagine being fingered in a rape you did not commit because you were
    concerned about cars being stolen in your community. The sheriff was
    running a car-theft ring and because you threatened to expose it, you get
    framed for rape and get castrated by a couple of goons. Then the crooked
    sheriff - who would later be convicted of racketeering, drug dealing and
    extortion - displays your testicles in a jar on his desk. You then get
    sentenced to life PLUS 20 years for a crime you didn't commit while your
    wife is left to raise your two young sons without you. Then the corrupt
    governor who goes on to be president refuses to let you go, even though
    experts say it was impossible for you to have committed the rape, because
    he is afraid of the political implications.
    This case ought to outrage every American. We need to stop this nonsense
    now. We've been hearing about these strange "Arkancides" and other
    bizzarre cases that went on in Clinton's Arkansas for too long now. Enough
    is enough. We need to put this crooked bunch of thugs behind bars where
    they belong. Jim Guy Tucker and the McDougals are not enough. We need to
    bring down the entire house of cards.
    Let's hope future Gov. Mike Huckabee gets the support he will need to
    clean this state up. The citizens of Arkansas, regardless of political
    affiliation, need to get behind him on this.

    In closing, I would like to commend Steve Dunleavy of The New York Post
    for having the courage to take this story on.

    Ken Cook
    Sunday, June 2, 1996
  4. Master of understatement.