A Trading Room that Posts Results!?

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  1. I've got to the point where I feel the only people who make money in the market, on a consistent basis, are, in fact insiders, institutions, and all the scam artists selling trading products that look great, make logical sense, but don't really work.

    I know of rooms where one guy is the long term trader and posts his trades. But I don't know of any that publish the record of the intraday trades. So here's the big question: Does anyone know of any room that posts the results of its day trades on an on going basis? Also I'm referring to actual trades. Simulated trading is doesn't not account for slippage and all the other important factors.
  2. This gentleman offers what you are looking for,a trading room you can partake in with ongoing live time calls of entry with exit points,also a track record to peruse for your own interest. You can trade stocks,options,futures etc... .

    Send the man an email,leave your phone number with your expressed interest and he will call you.


    Stephen Tetreault
    Southern Maine, USA
    Email l Website
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    you really think those sites you pay 20 bucks a month for or even 200 a month for showing you great results from their historical trades they made actually work???

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    And what sort of $ fee would such a service command on a weekly or monthly basis? In essence, you are looking to mimmick another's trades? You will have to be sure the style and account size requirements are suitable.

    I have to agree, historical is for the birds.
  5. Have you used this gentleman's site at all? His returns are highly distinguished, but I couldn't find much trade detail behind the weekly windfalls he was pulling...
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    Ive traded this guy, you can wipe your rear end with what he posts. Be very careful. many others like this out there.
  7. There are some chat rooms (free) that have traders that post their brokerage statements or P/L statements almost every trading day.

    However, these are free rooms with no guru head trader.

    Thus, sounds like your looking for a fee-based signal calling room where a head trader posts his/her statements at the end of each trading session.

    Simply, if you truly feel that the only people making money in the markets on a consistent basis are insiders and institutions...

    Why are you bothering with trying to find a chat room???

    In addition, most of the traders I know that hang out in chat rooms and that post their P/L statements...

    They are busy doing their own thing.

    Thus, you aren't going to gain any insights into what they are doing other than knowing that there are traders that are consistently profitable while not having any inside info nor work as an institutional trader.

    Last of all, have you read the Trader P/L Statement 2006 and 2007 threads here at EliteTrader.com ???

    I know for fact a few of those guys also hang out in chat rooms.

    However, they are just visitors or users of the chat rooms just like all other users of the chat rooms.

    Also, they only post a few trades (not every trade) in the chat room.

    P.S. Most traders don't like the free rooms because they can't blame anyone nor ask for refunds when things don't go as planned. :D

  8. I have followed him for the past month. Actually used his service in 2003 but job was too demanding to continue to follow him,looking back at it now I should have quit the job and continued on with Steve,I would have made mucho dollars versus the paycheque. His returns are solid and not hyped at all.I use his input to trade the spy and am doing well with his leadership.

    He offers a free trial period ,you need not trade but can listen in on the activity daily till you either feel comfortable or not.

  9. Thx Truff,I use his input but also use my own DD.
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