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  1. With fertilizer, coal and oil stocks off their highs of the day and weakening, it appears that lower prices are ahead for these high fliers.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. fertilizer stocks: cf, agu, mos, pot
    coal stocks: cnx, pcx, fdg
    oil stocks: apa, dvn, clr, eog

    This is my small universe of stocks i'm currently looking at.

  3. When the recent high-fliers have possibly declined to a bottom, THEN the bear market will be over. Trying to bottom-pick earlier is hazardous.
  4. Bottom pick? I don't understand. these stocks are close to all time highs. This thread is about whether they will sell off.

    Sorry, i'm not following your term "bottom pick".
  5. So... your thought is to short them? I thought you were concerned about buying dips. (You didn't describe your interest.. you just asked for "thoughts".)
  6. central banks will be debasing their currency at a accelerated rate to meet committments, thus any retrace is just a buying opportunity.

    the CB's have no choice.
  7. Yes, I'm sorry, I should have elaborated.

    These commodity stocks have had incredible price appreciation. I believe their bubble is on the threshold of bursting.

    We already got a small burst in the coal bubble, my belief is that fertilizers are next.

    And yes, i'm looking to short these over-priced stocks.
  8. And this will have what effect on these type stocks?
  9. dhpar


    gl with shorting those few sectors that perform(ed) well....
  10. Glad to see you're back, Rowshan. Please remember to keep your thread on topic and we won't have problems this time.

    Good trading.
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