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  1. I tried to start this thread before, but it was deleted with no explanation. I tried to email the moderator to find out why it was deleted, but no answer. So.. I'm trying again.

    I have a friend who's an experienced trader who is trading a small account as a demonstration for some friends of his. This guy is for real, but the purpose of the demonstration is to show the positive and negative effects of leverage. So, I just thought this group might find it interesting. He also posts all trades the day before so you can see the methodology he's using.

    The url is www.crazy-trading.blogspot.com . I know the name is a little cheeseball, but so far it's been kind of fun to watch for a week. I asked, and he gave me permission, to post a link here as well.

    The guy has no intention of ever selling anything, managing money, etc etc etc... So I'm not a shill for anything (as the newsgroup people like to proclaim!).

    Moderators: If there's a problem with this post, please advise before deleting and I'll fix it!

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  3. It looks like your buddy is a Chick Goslin follower but I see no mention on the blog. Is that true?
  4. Actually, I know he recently read that book by Goslin. He had used the SMR oscillator for years (at least back to the early 90's), uses a lot of Linda Raschke's stuff (though really modified he says). He told all of us following the blog to make sure we had read two books: Schwager's big red book on Technical Analysis and the last Goslin book. If I understand it correctly, this account is being done a little bit different from his main trading which is more based on fading extremes. I think the best way to describe it is he's using the Goslin language so those of us following the blog can understand what he's looking at.

    I _may_ be able to get him to post a little here, but I sort of doubt it. He was very reluctant to start the blog because he didn't want it to absorb a lot of his time.

    I can ask him to post acknowledgement to Goslin and Raschke and Schwager if you think that would be the right thing to do, but also keep in mind he doesn't want this blog to become "famous" and extremely public so I think that's why he didn't. (He says there's a good chance this account is going to go down "in flaming glory" because $10K is stupidly small to begin with!)
  5. Not an issue. I just noted the language.
  6. My buddy gave me permission to repost today's post (he just put it up 5 minutes ago) on this site. Hope you find it useful.

    EXISTING POSITIONS ===============

    S1 SN6 from 5.86^4, stop 5.94, +$63
    S1 SBN6 from 16.53, stop 16.19 SCO, +694
    S1 CCN6 from 1479, stop 1482 (SCO), +$200
    S1 ESU6 from 1282.75, stop 1292, +$1,138
    ** S1 LH, stopped out same day for -$420

    Open P/L: $2,282
    Equity: $11,029 (+10.29%)

    MARKET OVERVIEW ==================

    SPM6 - Short. 1246.75 is key level. Need to get below and hold if we're going to get sustained downside. Feel there's a lot of downside potential here, but always watching for the unexpected...

    TYM6 - Still think we're due for trend change up, but everything seems to be rolling to the downside. SELL for small pop down.

    EUM6 - Crosscurrent mode.
    JYM6 - Crosscurrent mode.
    CDM6 - Concurrent trend up. Could take a long with tight stop. BUT... needs to hold .9121. If trade above and close below, then enter short on close.
    BPM6 - Crosscurrent

    GCQ6 - Solidly crosscurrent. Previous action looks like buying climax. Good downside potential to 533 or so here. No trade yet.
    SIN6 - should clearly have a trade on here, but account is too small
    HGM6 -

    CLN6 - nearing trend change down? No trade yet, maybe get another run at the highs. A lot of fury in the news but not much action here yet.
    NGN6 - Could be bottoming.

    CCN6 - concurrent trend down. this market can "slide" a long way. Shouldn't come too far back up though.
    KCN6 - Should be short. Stop was 15% of account size so skipped the trade....
    OJN6 -
    SBN6 - Short. Needs to breakdown. Vulnerable to a bounce. Today's action is critical... 2B buy signal. We are short. Need to see the low of today taken out in next few sessions. At any rate, stop (close only basis) is set to preserve about $350 of the profits in the trade.

    LHN6 - two crappy trades like this in a row. meats are hard markets for me to trade.
    LCN6 - concurrent up

    SN6 - short. a few day's bounce against the position is ok here. could be shorting more on bounces (but not on this account size)
    ON6 - Rock and roll
    RRN6 -

    COMMENTS ==========================
    Did analysis late in the day last Friday and failed to notice risk on the KC trade was 15% of the account size. Skipped the trade.

    It's come to my attention that this blog address was posted on several bulletin boards. Welcome to my new readers. Let me get this out up front: I am not selling anything, do not teach, do not mentor and do not manage money. Nor do I have any plans of doing any of those things. This blog only exists as a record for some friends... hopefully we'll show what is possible with futures and a very small account size, but the account is really too small to trade with proper risk control. So... sorry to say, but the odds favor this account going to $0 and me looking pretty stupid!

    Oh well, we're doing ok so far and it will be fun either way!!