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  1. this may get moved to chit chat but it should'nt. its for the trading forum.
    i was talking with a fellow trader this morning; he's been taking some hits and we were just kind of going over strategies and what not. anyway,i'm talking to him and i hear him typing on the phone and i can tell he's not really listening. you know why? he's on the computer looking at his Fantasy football.. WTF !!! is he kidding me! its 8:30 in the morning and he's concerned about fantasy football. the jerk off should be looking at charts,reading the journal or IBD; Looking at some headlines ect.. i remember him last week moping around because the Giants lost. he's 40 years old and thats what he cares about. let me tell you something about winners and losers. i've never met a successful anything who screws around with fantasy football or is pissed off monday morning because the giants lost unless they bet on the friggin game. fantasy football is for wanna be's and not true g's .go ahead,live in a fantasy world. let me tell you something, you want to be good at trading or at anything,let the dreamers play fantasy football and how bout you go out and make things happen. you think the giants care if you lose 5k on a trade? hell no ! why should you care if they lose a game. yeah,i'm a football fan but i let it end on Sunday,i don't dwell on it monday morning when i should be going over my game plan fo the trading day. every successful trader i ever met is passionate and always talk trading. ya know why? they love what they do. if you're a a bar and talking aout fantasy football,get a job in disneyland,not at a trading firm.
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    With all due respect, I know a lot of very successful people that are huge sports (particularly) football fans regardless of what your anecdote is.
  3. I'm a big sports fan as well but i'm not playing fantasy football when i should be looking at charts. gimme a break.
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  5. I agree.

    I would say most Americans whatever socioeconomic level enjoy sports. Just watch any game on tv and you will see ex-presidents, celebs cheering on their team as well a blue collar man as well. Sports are entertainment no different then the chariot races in Ancient Rome.

    I do not play fantasy football and never have but sports fans enjoy it allows a fan to enjoy the games more.

    Have you ever seen those Monday Night Football adds "Is it Monday yet?" Sports can bring enjoyment for many people, but if it rules your life you need to step back and readjust. There is a great movie about this called -The Fan- it is about an obsessed NY Giants football fan.
  6. since trading is gambling, there is big money in sports betting also. I know 2 gentleman who earn their living betting on sports. Ex poker guys switched over to sports betting, it is the same thing as trading -look for inefficiencies that have not been priced into the game or equity and take a position-
  7. Doesnt really matter with daytrading. You look away for a few seconds and sometimes your account goes up, and sometimes it goes down. I think looking away from the trades every once in a while is good. Your stops should stop you from losing too much money and the distractions for a few minutes should keep you from taking profits too early.