A traders shelf life...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lilduckling, May 4, 2006.

  1. what i do once in a while i go back and look at all the people that have PMed me... than i do a serach to their name to see if they're still here with us. Its very sad and depressing to find out that people that were once asking you questions about the mkt are no longer here with us. Claimed as meat to the ever hungry mkt monsters. I dont know about you all but this makes me very very sad. ...... *sniff*
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  2. Or maybe they are making money and realize that they don't have time for the negative garbage that is all too common on ET. :)

    Worse yet, they think they have discovered some "secret" system and don't want to share it with anyone.
  3. Remember lil duck, "dumb money" is a necessary component of the markets :D
  4. you guys are both in my buddy list... ofcourse i know neither one of you will be prey to the mkts
  5. I agree. I never used to participate here years ago and I felt less distracted and annoyed. I tend to think my participation on ET now is a bad habit that I'll get rid of once I wise up again.
  6. Have I ever PM'ed you? :)

  7. I know a guy that used to post here, manages money for a bank. He still visits the site but does not post at all.
  8. Choad


    I've been here, off and on, since around '00.

    I've just forgotten my old logons, or decided I was bored with the ID and got another one.

    But your observation is in general true - even at ET the trader failure rate is probably in the 90+% range.

    Good luck to all. :cool:
  9. no... and all the pm's i got from old timers , they're still here.... only the newer traders disappeared. :(
  10. That's a bit of good news.....at what point do I become an old timer? I might still make it afterall.
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