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  1. Janitor


    When do you get up, and what all do you do before the bell?

    take a jog?
    guzzle coffee?
    check futures?
    watch the whole premarket session?
    light breakfast/heavy breakfast/no breakfast?
    TV? squawk?

    if you trade from home, do you shower/shave/put on your chinos like a respectable and productive prole?

    Is it the same routine every morning or do you mix it up? Are there some mornings during a flat market that you just go run errands/lay by the pool instead?
  2. PubliasEnigma

    PubliasEnigma Guest

    1) I drink a few cups of water
    2) Outside stretching
    3) 2 mile run
    4) Push-ups & sit-ups
    5) Make and enjoy a good breakfast
    6) Shower
    7) 20-30 min meditation period
    8) Visualize the upcoming session for the following 15 mins leading to open...

    That is my routine...

  3. Janitor


    Sounds perfect to me. I am very conscious of hydration, so I drink a lot of water first thing. I am also into fitness, but I jog in the evening.

    I admire your habit of meditation and visualization. I am trying to incorporate some new habits to help shake the cobwebs and calm the nerves. Crazy-market mornings (like I'm sure tomorrow will be, hehe) can sometimes overwhelm my half-asleep mind.

    As it is, though, I come to the PC not entirely mentally 'there.' Maybe I'll move my runs to morning.
  4. bronks


    I'm lucky to have both my eyes open by 3:30 (am) and find the toilet for a nice long wizz. Jogging is out of the question.
  5. Janitor


    somewhere in the pacific... Hawaii? Oh my.

    Couldn't do it.
  6. rs7


    get up, kiss wife, hug son, hug daughter, walk dog, feed cat, water plants, get papers, say hi to neighbors, safely load all the kids in the neighborhood onto the school bus, walk old Mrs. Wilson around the park, stop by the mission to help feed the homeless, go by hospital to read to patients in burn ward.
    Go to the office, stopping at Dunkin' Donuts to get coffee and donuts for everyone at work. Stop at front desk to wish receptionist a pleasant good morning. Go to my desk, call the florist to send my mother flowers. Call a charity and make a pledge.

    I do these things so I can have karma to put me on equal footing with those lovely people, the NYSE specialists.
  7. bronks


    Yes. But having the rest of the day to do stuff is pretty cool. Especially here. Although I must admit, it's very taxing at times.
  8. Janitor


    I've already asked a friend trading from Thailand, "Why don't you just MOVE?" But he would never consider it. The market opened at, I think, 9:30 pm for him.

    Gonna submit application for crosswalk guard to be on equal footing with RS7 and NYSE specialists...
  9. Hit the alarm.

    Hit the alarm again.

    Hit the damm alarm again BUT this time i do the math to figure out how much more I can sleep.

    crawl my ass out of bed telling myself that I should be able to make it into the office by the open but if not the open is way to volatile and I shouldn't be trading it anyway.

    Do a ONE instead of two shampoo job on my head.

    after checking my face I tell myself that one more day of not shaving will be ok. I also PROMISE myself to get up earlier the next day so that I can shave.

    Hurry my ass to the office.

    Get into the office turn on the computers ( i got two) and while they are booting up I go get my breakfast with the satisfaction that I will not begin the day without it.

    While finishing breakfast ( can of diet. MT Dew ) I start praying to the computer gods that my qcharts will work today.

    Open up my Elite Trader chat window so I can say good morning to all my ET chat buddies.

    Open up TWS from IB and try to punch in that damn breakout that I should of traded about 1 minute ago but was not ready yet.

    Promise myself that I will never stay up past Midnight before a trading day posting replies on ET so I feel so tired the next day.:D

    PS Time here is Midnight CST:D
  10. Rigel


    1. Get up at 5:00 am PDT.
    2. Wish I'd gone to bed before 1:00am
    3. Make some coffee.
    4. Light a cig.
    5. Pop open Elite to see if theres any scuttlebutt . Mostly B.S. but there are some pearls.
    6. Play "Sweet Home Alabama" or "LaGrange" while I peruse some charts.
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