A Traders Dream Car (w/screen for charting too!)

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  1. nice car with lots of cool tech, but i dont think it will beat 911 turbo any time soon :p
  2. the guy just said it beat the carrera gt
  3. O hell yeah.


    1.19.7 beats the following cars:

    7 Lamborghini LP640 1.19.8
    8 Porsche Carrera GT 1.19.8
    9 Ascari KZ1 1.20.7
    10 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 1.20.9
    11 Ferrari 599 GTB 1.21.2
    12 Ford GT 1.21.9
    13 Porsche GT3 RS 1.22.3
    14 Ferrari 360 CS 1.22.3
    15 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 1.22.4
    56 Porsche 911 Turbo 1.31.0

  4. lindq


    Whatever. It's ugly. And Japanese.

    Would you rather pick your date up in this, the Ferrari 599 or the Porsche GT3?

    Sayonara, Jack.
  5. Most people will take a 599 or a GT3, but you have to realize that the GT-R offers equal performance at less then 1/2 the cost.
  6. Easy answer....GT-R!!! :D
  7. Porsche is in the GT-R's rear view mirror these days! :eek:

    Finally something different to shake up the order in the car world.....I love paradigm shifts (and for ONLY $70k.....amazing performance for the money)! :cool:
  8. M6 is a great Touring Coupe but it is not the performance car in the realm of the GT-R.......track times will show you the massive difference. :)
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