A top banker said "the American people are too stupid..." do you agree :D

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  1. The top banker said "If the American people ever copy a brochure exposing this secret and the masses of Americans learn the truth, they would hang the bankers for what we did to them - and they would vote to follow the US Constitution. "

    Then he laughed and said, the American people are too stupid to figure out what we have done to them.

  2. ok this site has a plot theory then just answer no :D
  3. i actually read the material on the site you posted. it is unadulterated garbage. it is really sad that innocent/ ignorant people fall for this twisted line of reasoning.

  4. Surf, you can always spot the bogus sites. Strange color schemes, clip art from Corel Draw, and the overall look of being put together with AOL web publishing tools.

  5. for sure, 777. am i reading that site correctly ?? the bank owes the borrower the money borrowed ??? truly freakish !

  6. It is really sad that you treat someone who is a pofessional accountant (http://www.bankhonesty.com/about.shtml) of being ignorant. And are you going also to treat Victor Sperandeo legendary Trader and his Constitutional Attorney friend of being ignorant :D : Dare to say ? Ready Go ? I'm waiting to hear from you :D ( Don't forget to show us your great knowledge also : at the moment I just hear insult to others)

    fgmr Review of "Crashmaker" by legendary trader Vic

    Even before "Crashmaker" arrived in the post, I knew that I would like this book. My expectations were high because I've known both of the authors for about fifteen years, so I understand what they are capable of achieving. Furthermore, I hold both of them in very high regard because of their professional accomplishments and the vast reservoir of knowledge that each commands.

    Victor Sperandeo is a Wall Street legend whose deft stock picking and commodity trading over the years earned him the sobriquet, 'Trader Vic'. And Alvaro Almeida is the pen name of an accomplished constitutional attorney whose knowledge about the legal basis for sound money throughout United States history is second to none.

    So it was with great eagerness that I picked up this book and began reading. But it quickly became evident as I delved into Crashmaker that this was no ordinary book. When I finished, there was no doubt that even my high expectations for it were more than succeeded. This book is truly magnificent. Everyone must read this book, all two volumes and 1,572 pages of it.

    Crashmaker can be read on two levels. First of all,


  7. For Marketsurfer, I hope that you are not ignorant of this because everybody knows history in details do you :D

    "5. Centralization of credit in the banks of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. "

    it is one of the 10 mesures of the Communist Manifesto from karl Marx and Frederick Engels :D
  8. Guys, this time the article isn't an unlikely aliens story but factual and deserving of merit.

    A bank lends out moneys based on their capital.
    If it receives deposits it then can again lend out against such deposits and if such a loan is shown as a credit in one's cheque account the bank hasn't actually lend out money so much as actually merely created a paper entry.

    I haven't as yet read the full article as I am unable to print it out (HELP).

    I also remember that many years ago I was involved in a legal situation with a bank and the solicitor hinted that the banks who were owed money couldn't really collect because they hadn't actually lend money so much as created some fictitious money and that, if worst came to the worst, and the bank was confronted with such a type of defense the bank was likely to withdraw any action to collect.

    Perhaps there is someone more experienced ( a solicitor or economist) who can throw some further light on this ?

  9. balda


    Harry, you are asking a lot of questions.
    Is everything OK with French government?

    Why this site is still running? and
    Why owner of the site is not assassinated?
  10. Oh, a run on the banks? Nah, that's never happened before... {rolleyes}

    PS - I wonder if someone could explain just the benefit is of having a financial intermediary (which is what a bank is) run as a profit seeking corporation (above and beyond financially intermediating, ie, its role)? Because the way I'm looking at it, it's as good a case for a state run enterprise as I can see...
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