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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Saham, Apr 7, 2004.

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    Besides it being 4:00AM PST in the middle of me trading forex, I thought I would open this string to see what others think the actual problem/solution to this Iraq conflict is.


    As I write this the Bush administration has ordered the US war machine into the hometown streets of Fallujah where after 3 days of trying, the military, having run into heavy citizen-backed resistance, has been unable to "pacify" the city as planned.

    This MAY be because residents are neighbors, neighbors are family, family is sacred.

    And by killing innocent civilians there the US may be being perceived as criminals thus actually illiciting further resistance as the (300,000) citizens may be perceiving that they are simply being targeted and killed randomly so they may be going into primal survival mode / primal strike mode by bearing arms (and using them) to protect/defend themselves by killing the killers.

    On the street the word may be "Kill or be killed."

    The US has never conducted a war wherein residential homes are being destroyed by military power that I know of. Never has the US successfully waged a war wherein innocent citizens are being wounded and killed thereby evoking violent and deadly reaction and response from otherwise non-insurgents.

    We may call it, "anti-occupation sentiment."

    They may call it, "we want them OUT because they are killing our family members!"

    What is the solution?

  2. Saham


    "You're going home, buddy."

    photo caption: "An American marine carried the body of a comrade killed on Tuesday in the battle in Ramadi."


    Home Sweet Home.

    photo caption: "Iraqi men dig through the ruins of a house destroyed in the restive Iraqi town of Falluja's Golan district during a military offensive by the U.S. Marines April 7, 2004. Residents said 25 people, belonging to four families, were killed in the blast which they attributed to a U.S. helicopter strike. The U.S. military did not have information on the allegations." REUTERS/Mohammed Khodor