A thread that should make you ill!

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    I have been dealing with a death in my Family, and haven't been on ET for some time. I was a recovered alcoholic before that time, and had a relapse that I had to deal with. Hence, not being here for a while.

    I had no idea that one of the best Trader's I've ever known would have some of the "rocket scientists" here actually have the nerve to bash him. I'm talking about yoohoo.

    The Man retired early from an exchange, and now lives in a very tropical part of the World trading Fx for a living. I'm a S7 Broker, and S66 RIA. If it weren't for yoohoo sending me charts, and analysis of what the US Markets were doing (and were going to do), my Clients would have suffered. Yoohoo told me when and what was moving before it happened.

    All I could say was WOW! I've never seen anything like this kind of accuracy! Even a 3rd party money manager I hired to manage a very large account told me, "I don't know why you're doing this, but we'll move out of ___, ____, and ____, and short ____, ____, etc.," After I saved my biggest Client 1.3M in losses had he stayed static in that portfolio over the next month, the lead portfolio manager called me and told me, "congratulations! You were right on the money! What's your background?" I laughed and told him that a very good guy gives me advice from time to time, and that was that.

    I am a guy with honor unlike many I see on here. I wasn't about to give out a rationale, or system that yoohoo uses. Needless to say, the CFA I was talking to told me, "tell your Friend if he ever wants to come to the US to manage OPM, let us know." Would yoohoo do that? NO! He has other missions in life he works on. Missions like giving back. Helping others. Bringing the lost to God. Is yoohoo gifted? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!! THE best trader I have ever known on ET! A real ELITE TRADER! One guy in the above thread even said he was a vendor. WHAT!??!?!?!? I got a laugh out of that one! Wish the thread wasn't closed so I could have posted in it!

    Another guy who will remain nameless that was bashing yoohoo's teaching's (has 6,000+ posts. LOL!), I would venture to guess is another trust fund baby watching a screen, and thinking they know what they're doing. Lol!

    The sad fact is there are really only a handfull of elite traders on elite trader. What is even sadder is rather than learn from yoohoo, others jump to bash him after he has basically given enough information in the above thread to get a person well on their way to sharpening their trading sword. Heck, he even listed other threads to read that are what I would call imperative reads before trading Fx.

    If Jesus were standing in front of you saying, "this is what you need to do," tons on here would jump to bash him, and be forever lost. Oh wait a second. That's what happened several thousand years ago. Hmmmm. Looks like the ignorant that are among us haven't changed in several thousand years... So sad!

    As you can see, I don't post here much. I don't have the time. I'm a Broker, and manage OPM. And for those who post 8 times a day on average? WOW! Where is the time for that??? There is absolutely NO way a person can read ET all day, post all day, and be a winner! TOO MUCH IMFORMATION!!!! And with too much information comes a confused mind, hence some of the ramblings that go on here that are tee totally worthless when it comes to TRADING!

    Soooo, instead of learning from one of the best, many bashed him, and he realized he had no time for silly ignorance and left ET. Thanks alot to you dumbarses who are ignorant enough to look a gift horse in the mouth running him off from here! :mad: An actual Elite Trader is no longer posting due to the ignorance...

    I'm a Broker not a Trader. The two aren't even on the same Planet, and I assure you that one can't be the other. All I can say is yoohoo helped me know more about trading than 95% of the Brokers I meet out here these days.

    ET has become a place for me to log into from time to time for comedy and entertainment, and this shouldn't be. It should be a place where other REAL traders can teach, and the losers with big ego's should keep quiet imo. I guess I'll continue to exercise the ignore button here even more... Those who KNOW that yoohoo's TA methods work, know he's a TOP NOTCH guy, and miss him being here! Those who bash a truly gifted Trader, I guess enjoy being lost...