A thorough analysis on why Obama will be loved worldwide for years to come

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    He isn't that guy.

    Quite the phenomenon really come to think of it.:)

    Obama could ad 30 trillion $ to the national debt, invade Iran and nuke the entire African continent and still people would rate him above the inbred Texan chief in command.

    The public mind, it's a funny thing.
  2. Yeah, when Chicago came in DEAD LAST it was apparent how much the world loved him. Get a clue.
  3. I mean the people, not some payed of elite organisation full of Royals and bankers.:)

  4. He is setting the world on fire with a blazing 48% approval rating. Would you liberals get over yourselves? Just face it. He is the Ryan Leaf of politics. Just like Leaf, Obama got a bunch of hype, and he has failed to deliver on anything.
  5. I agree, but as my opening post claims that will not have any effect on Obama's popularity outside of the US.

    You can divide the world ex USA in 2 parts:

    1: Those who hated Bush

    2: Those who think all American Presidents are puppets.

    The first category will need a nuclear strike by the US to rate Bush over Obama

    The second... Well... they have their mind made up for quite some time I would think.:p
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    That is insightful, and pretty funny, thank you... I never saw it broken out into just two categories that don't seem to leave much out like that.. startling.. of course I might be suffering from chronic startlement with this current admin...

    I wonder if it's just me, I never hated Bush at all. I also didn't like him for the same few reasons that conservatives in general didn't like him... I'm seeing him in a better light increasingly as we get into this BO Pelosi era....
  7. The extreme right has never been more lost in the wilderness than they are right now. GWB is still fresh in the minds of right-thinking Americans and will be for some time to come. The ridiculous campaign the Republicans ran, topped off by the idiot Palin ruining their chances, made it clear that the brain trust is out to lunch. Their leaders insist on campaigning on the most disgusting platform, which includes the denial of abortion for gang-raped teenage girls.

    The hysterical Obama-bashing that's going on here is indicative of the depths to which the extremist right have fallen. Obama is of course not without his faults but he's a fucking genius compared to his predecessor. If Obama can find the balls to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, thereby bringing to a close most of the epic disaster that was GWB's foregn policy, he will ensure another 4 with ease and can be satisfied with making American history.
  8. Nik, with all my due respect it is not that simple. Obama has no balls and while he may indeed be a genius compared to his predecessor, the outcome of his policies might be just as bad if not worse.

    So far he has completely blown the unique once in a lifetime opportunity of a meaningful healthcare reform in this country, whatever may eventually pass will not be worth the paper it'll be printed on. His stimulus/recovery plan is a disaster, he is burning trillions of dollars without making any structural changes and fixing problems that caused the collapse to begin with. Iranians are spitting in his face, North Koreans are spitting in his face, the Europeans, the Russians, the Israelis, the Chinese are spitting in his face, the IOC took real pleasure yesterday to spit in his face. He is a weak, harmless, lovable puppy, not the leader of the free world. Did I mention that he has no balls?
  9. I remember so clearly the years of 1992-96 when President Clinton was constantly blasted by the right-wingnuts for every and anything he did. Bad selections of Cabinet members, foot-in-mouth comments (by his enemies standards), and other incidents. I remember an editiorial cartoon in which Bill saves the planet by destroying an aesteroid heading to earth and, still, the right-wing critics complaining about how he did it. Normal people saw through this BS and he won easily over Dole.

    Things are the same way today. The man has been in office for 9 months and they are already burying him. The stock market is up 50% from lows, the market LEADS employment so 2 years from now (when it REALLY matters), unemployment should be less than 7%. (Hopefully, the president will focus on improving employment in the NE and West and give up on the South).

    So I say; Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and others: keep it up !!! We love you as you are our best assets !!
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    the stock market bounced because of the bank bailout. Do not get fooled into thinking the market is predicting the worst is behind us.

    As mentioned earlier all that spending and no structural change is abysmal.

    I blame Bush for not moving us toward a flat tax. I blame obama for not spending on infrastructure. (if they had to spend at all.) They are both spineless. I no longer care that Obama is more intelligent. His foreign policy so far has been terrible.
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