A third dilemma

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  1. This is an actual story.

    A trader friend of mine was asleep in his third floor unit when he heard a noise and got up to investigate.
    The location of the apaprtment was in an area not too far away from a pretty rough strip (Kings Cross for those who have been to Sydney, Australia).

    As Ian entered the living room he saw someone's head and shoulders protruding through the open window and that person had a screwdriver in his hand (obviously to force open the window in the event it was or had been locked).

    Ian happened to have picked up a piece of timber which he always has lying next to his bed just for situations like this and he hit the breaker-inner on his neck with the piece of timber.

    The thief got a shock and lost his grip, fell down three storeys, seriously hurt.

    The police was called and wanted to charge Ian with having used excessive force.

    Considering the violent attacks which sometimes take place when someone breaks into a dwelling was the police correct by wanting to charge Ian ?

    The second question is "Would you have acted in exactly the same as Ian acted ?"

  2. BTW, the time was one o'clock in the afternoon.

  3. Not sure what Australian law is like, but here in the US, if someone breaks into your home, you can use all kinds of force in self-defense, and nobody will call it "excessive."
  4. australian law sucks man.... completely skewed towards protecting the 'poor criminal'.....

    btw, kings cross isn't really that rough of a place...
  5. Everything is relative.
    Only last week someone got shot down one street away.