A thing called class.

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  1. Now I don't know what the hell is going on, but putting your arm around a sovereign (even a ceremonial one) is kind of bad. I am not the type of person to suggest watermellons and kfc chicken in the white house but this kind of thing is inexcusable. Giving an ipod to the queen? Could not they consult with an etiquette expert to find out everything that should be done. Protocol is everything in a situation like this.

    Even though I would never vote for McCain I can't imagine either cindy, hillary or bill putting his/her arm around Queen Elizabeth.
  2. have you forgot how bush grabbed the german woman ? whats more important to you. a little etiquette or sending a bumbling idiot like bush as our represenative.
  3. Why would we be sending Bush?

  4. You have got to be kidding. Protocol is immensely important when you are on your FIRST OFFICIAL VISIT AS PRESIDENT to a country where you are going to meet its head of state (even a ceremonial one).

    I call it as I see it. And I don't defend bush. I am just saying this kind of thing is embarassing and reflects poorly on the nation. The most extreme (and tragic) case would be Yeltsin urinating on his visit to ireland.
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    Obama is a commie street organizer that spent his life listening to that moron preacher yell his Liberation Theology bullcrap at him. What does he know / care about protocol ?? American blacks have rejected everything that "ain't black", didn't you know that?
  6. Don't you know what they gave Gordan Brown when he visited the US? They gave him DVD's.
  7. Whats the world coming to? Utopia? OMG!!!!!
  8. A worse joke I have never heard.
  9. Obama is the most powerful man in the world and yet he comes across as regular guy. He probably doesn't believe in protocol or any of the rest of this shit that's kept international relations formulated and inflexible for thousands of years. Michelle's putting her arm around the Queen was a natural human gesture that was reciprocated by Her Majesty.

    Due to his determination and intelligence, Obama may well turn out to be America's greatest President and a world leader of unprecedented influence. He's the most energetic President since Teddy R. but he has a much finer intellect.

    By and large world leaders are neurotic, narcissistic, power-seeking screwups; this time we have a leader who's a normal human being.

    In any case, the rest of the world will have to accept the Obama's style; they're the most powerful couple in the world and the rules of protocol may have to be adjusted to reflect this fact.

    Just be grateful Michelle didn't give her the tongue.
  10. Are you going to write a pro-Obama novel next time somebody makes fun of his suit?

    Do you get paid to go around the internet claiming Obama is a perfect human being?

    A newborn sticking his finger over a candle is less naive then you.
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