A thief and a President

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Mar 2, 2009.

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    the guy who sticks a gun in your ribs, screams profanity at you and demands the $100 in your wallet upon pain of death is clearly a common thief.

    But if he’s a good looking guy with a great smile, a gift for speechmaking and six-pack abs …

    And if he uses the power of the U.S. government to mug you to the tune of tens of thousands; perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars — not just once, but every year for the rest of your life …

    You do NOT call him a common thief.

    You call him “Mr. President.”
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    I just got done reading all 142 pages of Barack Obama's "A New Era of Responsibility" and all I can really say is WOW.

    This guy is brilliant and he knows how to dress up a pig and put her in lipstick.

    Workers of the world unite! We now have the new communist manifesto. How very sad it is that it came from the American White House.

    I suppose we do get the government we all deserve. One point that has been made to me often in the selling business is that no one ever went broke by under estimating the intelligence of the average American, but plenty went broke over estimating it. BHO proves that in spades.

    Keep watching America. The founding fathers creating a REPUBLIC for a reason. Now though we are moving from that republic, governed by law, to the tyranny of the majority..a "democracy" governed by an ignorant majority educated in the public schools Obama is so entralled with but refuses to subject his own girls too.
  3. Thanks for the opinion. I usually do not read these type of books (books written by Presidents or politcians but I may check it out -a few pages). Imo, all is not lost, frankly I do not think Obama is running anything, He is a figure head, much like whatever dunce is UN Secretary. Congress is running the show.
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  5. I agree

    The 750 billion Bush gave to the banks,the billions he gave to Haliburten,Blackwater etc make him a thief.What makes Bush so bad is that he started a war that has killed thousands to steal that money
  6. I am starting to think Obama is making the attempt to completely destroy any wealth Americans have. On top of saying he will raise taxes it's as if Obama wants a storm of hyper inflation to swipe the country to even the playing field.

    If I had socialist tendencies I would be very attracted to massive inflation.
  7. Could be, but I don't think that was the reason for "Bush's Private War"..

    He didn't want to run for reelection with the economy in the dumper, so he lied about WMD to start the war... so we could point to how we were (1) winning the war, and (2) being protected from Osama.... at election time.

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    If you want a society where everybody is equal in all things, then you have essentially two choices: Raise everybody up to the same level, or lower everybody down to the same level of misery. Since we cannot raise everybody up, libtards want to lower everybody down. Democrats and liberals want everybody to depend on the government for everything. The "true believers" incapable of any critical thought what so ever long for everybody to be "equal" in all things, and are delighted to trade personal freedom in exchange for blameless irreponsability. The leadership is happy to offer that bargain and acheive amazing power.

    Look around. The majority in this country think trillions and trillions of dollars in stimulass is a good thing. Libs want the government to pay their mortgage, their credit card bills and their doctor bills. Despite the logical and historical evidence that this leads to worse conditions for everybody, they're determined to achieve this end once again. Notice you do not hear liberals gripe about the falling markets, nor the huge government debt anymore (except to blame republicans). They actually like massive debt and tanking markets. More poor people in absolute misery means more votes for them and more "equality" in the country.