A thank you to the moderators and Baron

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FuturesTrader71, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Baron/Joe/Moderators:

    I want to send you a heartfelt thank you for the service you provide and the work you do to make this board happen. I will no longer be able to spend time browsing through ET. I will only be able to reply to those threads in which I have already participated.

    I have certainly benefited from some of the gems made available by your members. I hope I have made a small contribution in return and wish all members, moderators and Baron the best of luck and a complete fulfillment of your trading desires.

    Take care.
  2. wHY?
  3. great service, definitely! thanks Baron, you've got a great team! keep it up!
  4. My current situation doesn't allow me any time to sift through the volumes of new threads any more. I didn't want to disappear without saying thanks to the moderators and Baron. At the current rate of new threads, I would need a secretary to sift through and find me the 5% that I feel are worth following or replying to. This, of course, is simply my opinion. I value this service and will keep checking in on the threads I am currently subscribed to.

    Best wishes, ES. Good luck.
  5. Hi FuturesTrader71,

    You made more than just a small contribution at ET in many forums on many different topics which in my opinion is very unique and appreciated because you are one of the professional traders on the inside of the business of trading helping retail traders understand things a little better from all aspects of trading.

    I enjoy your posts and hope more time becomes available to you in the future that will allow you to participate more in the future at ET.

    Take care.

  6. futurestrader71's gentle message is worth hearing though... there are too many frivolous new threads... lots of first-time posters don't even bother running a search for instance, prior to making their enquiries... some other long-term subscribers just start frivolous non-informative threads... they shld be warned, if not banned, that this is not helping maintaining / upholding the quality standards on this board... just my opinion...
  7. Moreagr


    good luck in everything you do FT71 you will be missed by me and many others here on ET.

    I hope its not permanent and will consider to so stop by every now and then.

    Personally i have received a vast amount of generous information from you and will miss your posts. you seem to be one of the greatest and most honest traders here.

    Thank you for everything
  8. Mark, I appreciate your comments. You are definitely an inspiration to anyone who wants to help traders increase their potential with your continued sharing of your trading methods. I continue to monitor your hammers thread. I have no intentions of completely abandoning this board, I simply find that too much time is spent here to find those nuggets that are useful to me. This is a testament to Baron for providing such a rapidly growing service to the community. It is just getting too big for me to follow. I need to focus on more important things. I will participate in those threads that I have subscribed to, so I will continue to interact wherever I can.

    Best regards.
  9. I'm very glad that you have been able to find something useful in what I'm sharing. I believe in karma and now know that I will find help when I need it. :)

    I will continue to chime in on the threads I have been following. Our paths will surely cross again.

    Best of luck and regards.
  10. Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks.

    I have been reading ET for 3 years now without contributing. However, there have been a handful of people I always read when I see their comments, who really seem to know what they're talking about when it comes to the markets. FT71, Mark, lescor when he shows up, Don outside of the advertisements, and a few others I can't remember offhand have been helpful sources.

    Someday I hope to be in a more centered mindset to be able to pass on some of what I know to others in a clear and helpful manner, but I am not there yet. It's just good to see other professionals who are worth listening to and respecting on these boards.
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