A test to see if you are an atheist or not.

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Which direction is the dancer moving?

  1. Clockwise

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  2. Counter Clockwise

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  1. 99% of atheists will see the dancer going counter clockwise. Hardcore religious "nuts" like myself will see the dancer going clockwise. At first I thought this test was a joke and the dancer only moves clockwise, then I was told that if i looked at the corner of my eye, i could see it going the other way. Will be interesting to see what you guys see.

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  2. This is a waste! This is obviously an optical illusion. The play is from where you see the shadow of the raised foot. Because the first inclination is to see the "raised foot" moving from left to right, the first inclination is to see "the dancer" as moving clockwise. If you interrupt this flow - turn away and then turn to see the shadow as cast as if the dancer were moving from right to left (counter-clockwise) than you will "see" the dancer as moving that way.

  3. I dunno, maybe I'm one of those people who can't be hypnotized. And I"m somewhere between an atheist and an agnostic. On my death bed I'll probably get religion like alot of people ...just in case.:confused: :D :confused: :D :confused: :D
  4. I see about a 38D cup.
  5. Interesting... plenty of people on Dawkins' site are actually able to see her rotating counter-clockwise.


    I can't, no matter how long I stare/change angles/ cover one eye. Guess that means I'm not a real atheist after all. Praise Jesus, Allah and Anubis!
  6. ...

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  7. this is not something that has a right answer. You cannot tell which way it is spinning. Either way is correct.

    It is like "what is the (semantic) meaning of

    Mary had a little lamb"

    Not enough info. There are at least 4 meanings:

    1) Mary owns a baby sheep
    2) Mary ate baby sheep
    3) Mary had carnal knowledge of a baby sheep
    4) Mary is a sheep and gave birth
  8. I like her tits....
  9. I see counter-clockwise 100%.
  10. This "test" has absolutely nothing to do with religion or atheism.
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