A Tax Question for the Experts

Discussion in 'Politics' started by leapfrog, Feb 29, 2004.

  1. Anyone have any experience with this one?

    I did some trades in 2003 in Euro and Swiss Franc based commodities. My 1099 does not include the Open Positions as of 12/31/03 in these trades because, according to the broker, they are "not required to report them to the IRS".

    My other US$ regulated Open Positions are reportable and factor into my net Cap. Gain position.

    Shouldn't I also report the non-regulated positions anyway? If I do that, then next year the 1099 will be different again since presumably the positions that were open as of 12/31/03 will have been closed out and the currency swept into my US$ account. At that point they will become part of the basis of my 2004 reportable 1099 closed positions (if I understand all this correctly).

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated. (I do have an accounting firm and they probably know what to do. Would just like to hear any ET comments in advance to educate myself - thanks.) - Rob.