A Taleb Thread

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Pa(b)st Prime, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. It's been a while.

    Any one want to argue the merits of choosing outliers vs. premo collection?
  2. blast19


    No, but I'll argue Pabst v. Bud Light. :D
  3. Only one beer get's a Blue Ribbon for great taste.......:p
  4. Neodude


    Even Taleb wasn't able to bank on it. He was backed by Paloma and his fund bled to death, so if you are banking on outliers then your timing better be right on the mark (i.e. Tudor in 1987).

    PS. I hear Taleb is coming out with a new book.

  5. neodude, you are a liar. taled did not bleed to death. show the record instead of words.
    taleb retired so get the story straight
    you should not unless you have doc about the story.
  6. jj90


    I don't see why buying gamma and selling gamma have to be mutually exclusive.
  7. I suppose you know for a fact that he didnt bleed to death?
  8. he bled 1/3 of his profits (i know). he got tired of trading and left. long gamma you bleed slowly...
  9. Profits? Are you stating publicly that he was profitable on his Paloma stake?
  10. do you have evidence otherwise?
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