A Tale of Two Posts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by late apex, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. A Tale of Two Posts

    In the "Resources" forum, "rosw" (located in Singapore) was looking for FX magazines, first thing Monday morning (EST):


    I posted a concise reply, consisting of:

    1) 1 sentence that I didn't think any of his listed (expensive) magazines would make a positive difference to his P&L.

    2) 1 sentence with a link to free Currency Trader magazine online.

    3) The word "Enjoy."

    Within 2 hours (possibly much less) my reply was gone. OK. No big deal. Chances are, rosw, among others, had already seen it.

    Here's the mystery part. Presumably after my reply had been deleted, another reply with an identical link to the same free Currency Trader magazine website was posted, about 2 hours after the original inquiry and my reply. That reply is still there, 24 hours later. (Which is great, for any potential reader.)

    I don't understand the moderator's rationale for swiftly deleting one post, while leaving a nearly identical post alone. Shouldn't ET rules on external links be applied consistently? At least within a given forum, i.e, by the same moderator or moderator team.

    Would appreciate some sort of a clue. Thanks.
  2. Choad


    My theory for the very uneven moderation, is that we are talking about unpaid "jobs" here. Traders(?) with a little extra time are helping Baron out.

    I suspect there are very few guidelines, beyond outright spam and porn (up to interpretation) and these people operate completely on their own.

    It's a good enough BB model I suppose, but maybe there should be some kind of official written "post deletion/modification checksheet"?

    Probably too much trouble, but at least it would allow for more consistent mod work.

    Good trading to all.

  3. A tale of two times posting by original thread starter
  4. Oops! My mistake. Thanks, easyguru... for helping solve the mystery.

    Obviously, I got fooled by the existence of the exact same inquiry (from a new ET member) in 2 different forums, within minutes of each other. I hereby promise to pay more attention to the particular forum name next time, whenever I post a reply. :) :cool: