A Tale of Two Kochs

Discussion in 'Economics' started by truehawk, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. The Kochs,own the nation's largest privately held company.

    David Koch's foundation is a supporter of PBS's NOVA which regularly has episodes on Global Warming.

    George's Foundation is funding the ads against the Stimulus under a front group called the "Americans For Prosperity". And if you believe that title I have a bridge you would also like to buy.


    Can't have that funding for energy research.
    Gee we might even build some fusion/fission plants and BURN our Nuclear waste.

    We might even fund fusion research, which has had serious breakthroughs in controlling the plasma with microwaves recently even in the absence of serious funding. George Can't have that. America might worm itself out from under the oil man's thumb.

  2. den999


    Now THAT'S one big Kock!
  3. If you ever want to put a face on who these mysterious elites are, look no further than Koch industries. They are it. Multi generational, insanely rich, secretive, politically involved, think tank owning slimeballs.
  4. kochs may be the most understated people on the planet