A system that cannot have any losing trades..

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TudorJones, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. possible? No? Yes?
  2. Do tell!
    Well now wait a minute.
    Your original post said you'd found it. Really.
  3. Yes, never close a trade and you'll never have a loser.
  4. Sure it's possible as long as you never make an actual trade.:D
  5. I haven't.. that's why I am asking you.

    But, often times people do think they have a successful methodology till the market changes on them.

    They think they do, till BOOM... its all over..

  6. OK, lets look at what goes into a TRADE...

    An ENTRY and an EXIT. Only those two things are needed for a trade.

    And if you just ENTER and never exist.. then you cannot ever have a losing trade. So, WOW... If only there is only an ENTRY or an EXIST to a trade, then we would never have a losing trade.
  7. How about you enter trades, and only get out when you are profitable.. you'd hold onto all the trades till they turn profitable.

    Do you think this could work..?
  8. Yes.

    It is possible.
  9. Sure. Trade on insider information.
  10. See, it is possible.

    But, is it really profitable? most likely not.

    Is it worth the risk? of geting caught.. most likely not either.

    Thus, it is POSSIBLE, but most likely not probable.
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