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  1. As I am a chronic insomniac, I often see little oddities in NQ price and volume action which I post wherever I happen to be making a pest of myself at the time. Looking back at today's charting, I found one such, and decided to collect all NQ oddities I find in one inconvenient place.

    Will this help your NQ trading? I certainly hope not! I have a hard enough time making money as it is without you being smarter!

    At 13:22:08 PT, my charting captured the highest NQ spread I have ever seen: 4.25 points! An error? Perhaps. Probably even possibly. But something strange for the NQ-files. And not at all the weirdest thing I have ever seen in NQ.
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    Are you ok? :eek: No spread during trading hours is more than quarter point.
  3. I differ to beg. It goes to 2 ticks frequently during RMH. You won't see it if you're casually watching a quote board, as it is usually quite evanescent, looks like a flicker. Thanks for commenting, BTW. Do you trade it?

    P.S.: 13:22 PT is outside RMH.
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    13:22 PT is not just outside RTH. It's also when NQ and almost all other CME Globex equity futures (with a couple of obscure exceptions) are closed for trading. That 4.25 b/a spread is not tradeable.
  5. and how many could you actually get on at this price a 1 lot big whoop.
  6. It's <b><i>repository</b></i>. Suppository is something you put up your ass.
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    Maybe that's what he really meant...
  8. I trade NQ, it is pretty much 1 tick all day during RTH with an occasional 2 tick widening when a gap in order flow appears. 4.25 points is not even during a fed minutes release.
  9. Exactly! I just had a trader lose 15 pts on a YM trade by getting in and out almost instantly. Please be careful.

  10. Thanks to all for replying. Just what I had in mind, a little fun with facts. Sim03, I am well aware of when it trades, as I frequently hold through the first 15 minutes of aftermarket, but there it was in the data stream, big as life, haha!

    And OptionCoach, of course you are right, too. I don't recall ever seeing the spread go above 1.75 overnight. BTW, would you perhaps be interested in being interviewed by Dr. Mudgins when he and Razor and Razor(r) finish in the Psych thread? Duref is chasing the elusive mind of the NQ trader.
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