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    Since I started trading, I’ve noticed many companies in magazines and on the net selling magical trading computer systems. These systems range in price from $3000-$5000. To be quite frank, I think these systems are a waste of money! They are over kill. A 10,000 RPM hard drive, super zs-2 sound card & SLI PCIE GEFORCE 7800 ULTRA video card are NOT needed to trade. They won’t help you one bit. These trading Computercomputers are essentially gaming systems with a few extra monitors thrown on them. I built my 4 monitor trading computer for less then $1500. All you need for trading is a clean system with a decent amount of ram! To achieve a quad monitor system, all you need is two dual head video cards, 4 $199 LCD monitors, a processor of 2.4GHZ+, and 512MB of ram. You could even go out and buy a $499 eMachine/Compaq and add a $49 video card to it and be up and running. Having a fast reliable connection to the Internet and a backup connection is definitely more important then hotrod PC. It’s amazing how many users have great rigs, but no Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or secondary connection to their broker. Please consider these things the next time your in the market for a system. Be safe. Have a prosperous weekend.

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  2. depends. for automated trading.

    a 10,000 rpm or some kind of raid disk array helps greatly when backtesting huge amounts of data over and over and over.

    SLI PCIE GEFORCE 7800 can be extremely useful if you want to offload some computation to the GPU to take advantage of the parallel pipelined architechture.

    and the list goes on as far as significant hardware tweaks. personally I am looking into getting a network card that offloads the TCP stack off the CPU.

    for trading by hand. i agree with you. humans are too slow to make use of good hardware.
  3. im confused. mind explaining your post? who said anything about an alex?
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    Go back to digging up 5 year old posts, that seems to be your area of expertise.

    Make up your mind are you selling hardware or snake oil?