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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TheMagican, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. A have an idea for ET.To make a paid section when the qualitative members could start threads and share their experience.But those who wants to participate will have to pay,say 10$ or whatever per view,for entering a thread.ET could keep,say 30% and the other money will go to the thread starter.It will rise the threads` quality,imo,and can be a good compensation for the qualitative,experienced members for sharing their wisdom.There are still many experience traders,no BS artist,as Handle123,for e.g.It can attract an additional traffic to ET,as well.
  2. Joe


    Nice idea, but wouldn't work well.
    1) Members would race to start threads about a particular topic. They would open up 20 threads at a time to be the first adding the bare minimum content to make sure they qualified as a good content thread, then would move on to the next thread. Members would not want to post in a thread because they did not start it, and could easily start their own on the topic so they could cash in. Hence multiple threads on the same topic.... How about we prescrean everyone that posts; even if members did this to take the responsibility off elitetrader, many people that may be thought of as unauthoritative may be very good in a small topic, also people that have spent years in this industry would be able to talk about multiple subjects, leading to the problem again of multiple threads on the same topic and those authoritative speakers would not want to contribute to each others threads.
  3. Sure,Joe.The Board could be very selective on who is allowed to post in this section.There are many Names on ET with the proven record.Of course there should be the rules for them too,as they will have to manage their threads accordingly,answering Qs,providing material,etc.And this material can be approved by The Board,before going live.As should be the rules for the participants.It may seem a complicated idea,but woth it.Some qualitative threads on ET had well over 100K views.Sure it would be less in the paid section,but it will add quality.For the newcomers it might be a great and not expensive learning source.
  4. Intuition Amplifiers of Maestro is a great example.Someone likes it,someone hates it,people with the different opinions.But for those who like it,they could subscribe to him to learn,if they wish so.