a strong opening tomorrow?

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  1. The foreign markets have been rallying while we are on holiday
    Another day like today, and we could have a strong opening tuesday

    AEX 391,46 + 0,86%

    CAC 40 4 430,09 +0,57%

    DAX 4 909,89 +1,48 %

    FTSE 100 5 337,80 +0,20%
  2. I agree, but it seems every time the bad news finally starts to disappear. the market drops. I see futures are up 5 80 over cash.
  3. There is a lot of takeover activity going on in europe.
    Their economies are weak, yet their markets keep rising.

    More follow through on their part tomorrow, and we could start heading into the 2165 - 2185 resistance area on the COMPX
  4. Heck, I hate those talking heads who take the price of oil as the ultimative reason for rising & falling stock markets.

    But since Brent is down 1.5 USD in London, this seems to be a legitimate reason....
  5. Yes ... but stocks and oil have been counter trend partners for a while now.

    I've been expecting a $69 - $70 intermediate term top in oil.
    A decline to $60 - $61 should be now in the offering.
    Then, unfortunately I see another pop....
  6. TGregg


    But wouldn't it be fun to be one of them for just a day? I'd say something like "Fair winds and a warm afternoon caused the Dow to rally 200 points in active trading today. . . "

  7. LOL Kara...

    Then there is the opposite side, like CNBC this past week.
    They acted like CNN: "hyping all the negative news"
  8. Oil has been moving higher, stocks are chopping around pretty much range bound except for some squirts up, and squirts down from time to time.
  9. Nice chart ... Rickshaw thx

    Yes, the INDU has been meandering, but the COMPX and INX have not: steadily trending upward.

    Waiting for a short term top this week, and then another leg down, to end this ABC correction.

  10. Their is a bull market everywhere you look, crude,nasdaq,treasuries. all above their 50 day MA.
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