A Strategy Thats Working=Buy The Dips

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  1. Buy the dips for now.
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    How do I identify a dip ?
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    Buying the dips (to me) right now is dollar cost averaging up (on strength) and down (on weakness) into a position as I begin building long-term equity positions again.

    Eg - "dips" were lower prices than the previous

    200 @ x6.50
    200 @ x4.50
    200 @ x1.50
    200 @ x5.50
    200 @ x7.50

    I never DCA'd before, but I sure as hell will do so from now on, volatile markets or not -- a position started in November and DCA'd into since then on a major oil company is up (to my surprise) 70% since November.

    Taking advantge of the 'dips' as I see them, and as long as my investment thesis for the long term with this company/sector/industry hasn't changed for the worse, I use the dips and market volatility as buying opportunities.
  4. Ok you know the drill, buy the morning dip sell the afternoon rally, wash rinse repeat
  5. Everyone is on the same page Geitner, Bernake, Obama, things getting better, buy buy buy.

    Jaw boning the order of the day.
  6. stock_trad3r??

  7. Look at the hungry dip buyers gobble up the offers yummmmm
  8. It really is that simple. Buy the dips make $$$$$$ for now.
  9. Boy this is to easy.
  10. I think I accidentally stepped into the Kindergarten forum...
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