A Strange But Serious Proposition for a Not Yet Profitable Trader

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  1. At the urging of my wife I am actually considering letting someone watch some of my trading for 60 or 90 days. Here is why: We are accustomed to travelling a great deal -- mostly in Europe -- yet have actually traveled very little in the past three years as I have devoted myself to learning the very complex art of trading intraday. Those of you who are tempted to tell me how simple it is and that I must be a moron to consider it complex please just go somewhere out of sight and die!

    I have funded the first two years of full time trading and learning out of pocket and was fortunate to end up almost break even. I was profitable for the first time in 2011 and things get a bit stronger every month. That said, up until quite recently the minimum wage was more or less an OK month. It is now a chunk better than that (OK ... maybe two chunks) but it is still a struggle. The bottom line is I am a discretionary trader who is succeeding yet not yet consistent enough or profitable enough to think of myself as yet a success.

    I now know enough to share important information with a novice and can probably save him a year and some thousands of dollars. That said I will not share information on my very short term scalps. Liquidity can be an issue in the very short time frames and while I am not suggesting I have invented the wheel I have no interest in sacrificing any liquidity. But in the "longer" trades ... the intraday swing trades particularly in ES I am willing to be quit open.

    We want to spend some time in Europe and if we connect with someone who has comfortable lodging for us I would teach you what I have learned. A separate apartment on or near your property would obviously be ideal but we would consider a room in a larger house that had real privacy and a private bath.

    Let me be clear: Luxury, while nice, is not a prerequisite. An interesting city -- Mumbai, Bangkok, Madirid, Rome, Naples -- I love Naples!! -- Kiev or Prague with modest lodging and people who are interesting is MUCH more important to us than luxury. our time frame is leaving New York sometime after May 1st.

    We wold require two reasonably powered computers -- my wife trades with me, at least four screens total and a REAL broadband connection. Please understand that before we agree we would hire -- at our expense -- an IT guy in your city to check out the connection. I cannot make money on connections that many people consider adequate. Maybe they can but I can not.

    Why do we want to do this? As I said we want a change but it is also important to us that we do not deplete our capital. Money is fuel in this business and I want a surplus of fuel as we struggle to make this work in a major way.

    My guess is that it will be very difficult to find the other side of this transaction. Not because we do not have anything of value -- both you and us -- but because this is not like buying a loaf of bread or renting a hotel room. I have no intention of talking this to death here in the thread although I might answer a question or two from the non-moronic contingent here at ET. Trolls and morons are gently requested to post somewhere else.

    If intrigued send me a PM and then we will talk by Skype. I am prepared to prove we have something to offer and will set up a private webinar for you to view some days of my trading before we commit to anything.

    Strange one, huh?
  2. etile


    is this thread a joke? You sound like a modern day gypsy.
  3. I thank you for your helpful addition to the thread ... lol.

  4. this is wrong on soooo many levels..

    1. you're basically saying you will "trade for food and room"

    2. you could be setting yourself up to get robbed as how will you know who you're dealing with?

    is it that tough out there...
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    Hi Swan, good luck in your quest. I actually thought about doing this years ago. A little different twist. I just wanted to travel the world. But I didn't want to do it alone. So the idea would be to stay with interesting people all over the world and in exchange teach them how to trade. I also thought it would be cool to document it via a blog or even write a book about it.

    There are already are people doing this without the trading aspect. A site called coachsurfing.com allows people to travel all over the world and sleep on people's couches. The idea is not really to save money but to meet interesting and cool people all over the world. Traveling can be quite boring alone and most people don't have rich friends that can just quit their jobs for a year and go with you.

    It's an interesting idea. I think you'll find plenty of takers.
  6. It is an interesting proposition which I would take if I could meet the requirements on the other side, which sadly I can not.

    Sorry, getting robbed etc - this is a joke. You can exchange ID papers beforehand. There are websites people meet for logding in other cities - there is a whole subculture of that.

    it is a decent chance to see part of europe or a place in the world while trading, validating concepts and... well.... having fun without spending tons of money.
  7. Would you cornsider Dallas (not Scotland, Texas)? I can teach you to shoot while you're here. And you can watch me scalp like the octaroon Native American that I am.
  8. I appreciate your helpful comments ... how kind of you! Who said anything about food? My guess is we will, except for breakfast, eat out and probably take our hosts out for dinner once a week or so. As to getting robbed, I'm from New York have owned and run businesses in five countries ion three continents and spent time in Joburg' when it was as dangerous as almost any city on earth.

    My guess is that i will be able to keep my wife and I safe until we are home and dry as the Brits like to say. Again thank you for your considerate comments ... lol.

  9. Thanks for the tip on couchsurfing.com ... I'll check it out. But at my age I find I need a decent mattress and a solid nights sleep or the cost to me the next day is prohibitive.

    I have long enjoyed your posts and the "Tape Reading" post you took the lead in some years back may well be the best ever on ET. Again, thanks for the heads up on the Couch Site.

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    Yeah I just wanted to mention the site not for you personally, but to show that the idea is valid and works. There are thousands of people in over 100 countries on there that have let people stay in their homes. As far as I know, no one has been robbed or killed. There is a man who wrote a book about using the site to travel the world for a year. I just wanted to show that what you are looking to do is possible and people, especially foreigners, are very open to this. Americans in general are little more uptight about this stuff.
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