a story of a man who just wants to not water his dogs

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  1. a long long time ago(january 13th 2009) in a land far far away(florida) a man(NTW31) had a terrible menacing problem...this problem was that this man just moved to this far away land with his two loving long haired dogs. This new land was different than the land they came from as it was plagued by terrible sweltering heat waves.

    concerned for his animals life this man decided to try something he had never tried before to remedy this problem ....

    thinking and thinking and thinking this man drafted several ideas of watering structures analyzed the water pressures in his water devices, heights of these devices, angles, structure and leveling measurements.. and he came up with what he thought was a great idea!

    so he began building..... a bowl a roll of shipping tape and a soda bottle later.... his masterpiece that he had drafted had been completed but in order to make sure this newly created contraption worked and didnt leak all over his floor he had to test the machine.....

    to his astonishment the machine failed to do what the man wanted by leaking... overfilling the bowl.... then throwing itself off balance when he walked away drenching his kitchen in water. so the man went back to the drawing board....

    he measured ... remeasured ... recalculated water pressure and re-engineered his machine and was satisfied it was perfect this time there was no way it wasnt going to work....

    well it didnt but this time it realizing that his machine was never going to work ...
  2. then all of a sudden it clicked .... why was he doing all of this complicated stuff... when he could simply fill a big bucket up with water.... and it would work much better then his crazy contraption anyways....
  3. i guess we all have to learn the hard way

  4. as a matter of fact yes we do

    it can't be done any other way
  5. good thing for your dogs florida got chilly today.

    I sorta regretted going out in shorts and flip flops, but it really wasnt so bad.

    Eat your heart out, big apple.
  6. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Yes, it's gonna get cold up here. Fla. is the place to be this weekend. Enjoy!
  7. You share your living space with dogs :eek: