A stock sofware in China

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hylt, Feb 21, 2004.

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    Please take a look:
  2. I find it irritating that the Chinese are imitating our copyrighted charting software. At my first opportunity, I intend to take my revenge by beating the programmer briskly about the head and neck with a Calaway "Big Bertha" Driver (or possibly a 3 wood). I would then travel to the Napa Valley for an extended vacation in the wine country. Best Regards, Steve46
  3. Well, 20 years ago we still used to laugh at the crappy products that were imported from China and Taiwan.

    But now, just about EVERYTHING, including high-value items is made there.

    I recently bought a multi-monitor card for $900 and yup, was very surprised that it's Chinese made. The same for all other computers and monitors, toys, etc. etc.

    Maybe, even the "Callaway" club has a "made in China" sticker?
    Well, maybe some stuff is printed in California so it can be labeled made in USA?:p

    So, those people are working VERY hard and will some day show who's boss.

  4. What about Chinese candlestick charting. Is'nt that a China
  5. I think that candlestick charting was around quite a while before the U.S.Stock Market, therefore I don't have a problem with them using that technology. I continue to be irritated by them however and because it is the Chinese, I intend to pursue them with a ping pong paddle, beating them about the head and neck, then claiming temporary insanity in an international court of law. Thank you for bringing up that important distinction. Best Regards, Steve46