A stock market or a 10-Yr Bond market?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Since everyone is making such a huge deal about the 10-Yr Bond it seems like the latter.

    Just buy the dips

    the 10yr nonsense is overblown
  2. Great, you should tell Wall St. that bonds have nothing to do with the stock market.

    Seriously, how old are you? :confused:
  3. There is a correlation. It just seems overblown past few weeks. Until recently no one was talking about 10-Yr Bond. Now there is all this renewed interest.
  4. Surdo


    I guess it's not relevant to the broad market since you don't understand it!
  5. Do you know why there is a correlation? Did something change that made people talk about it?

    How old are you? I've asked you a hundred times already...how old are you?! :confused:
  6. Funny thing about you, if you actually did the prudent thing and SOLD, you could stop making stupid fucking remarks about wall street not knowing anything. You insist on cheerleading because you don't think the market will ever go down.

    SELL YOUR FUCKING HOLDINGS!!!!!! You can get back in at a better price in the future if you insist. Better yet, go find something that hasn't run up 30+% this year.

    If you don't, I will be the first to rub your nose in dogshit as this market comes off!
  7. My age isn't really your business
  8. "$50 bucks the stock trad3r kid picks his nose!"

  9. The recent obsession with the 10-Yr Bond reminds me of the same obsession with China after Feb 27th. When the Chinese market did sell off again in Late May no one cared.
  10. I'm just trying to help you redeem yourself. You're like a mental retard that mental retards pick on. If you're 30+ there's probably no saving you. If you're in your 20s there's probably no saving you. But if you say you're a 12 year old with downsyndrome, deaf, blind, and using a 486 then people might have some mercy on you. :D
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