A stock Market in Iraq

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noname, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. noname


    What do you guys think about the possiblility of a market being formed in Iraq? Is it possible or likely? Do you think it would be good place to invest in? Obviously not any time soon.
  2. this may come to a surprise to you but one already exists...
    youll find markets really anywhere in the world, just a matter of the degree sophistication but in essence its the same...
  3. markets tend to spontaneously emerge. markets are natural phenomena resulting from human nature. suppression of markets is against nature, and never lasts for long. there will be organized markets in Iraq and Afghanistan unless they just decide to trade their stuff on other markets instead.

    just for example , there is a stock market in "communist" china.
  4. i remember hearing the iraqi stock market exploded (rallied) as the war became more imminent
  5. Dustin


    I think it was up over 1000% last year. Forget where I saw it...