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  1. Hello ETr's

    My wife asked MrsMarket why Electric was going round' the house saying he was enormous......(I overheard their phone conversation) Something about he had more hair and taught MrMarket everything he knew....well the gals had quite a catfight...and wifey told MrsMarket that Electric could outbench MrHuge anyday.....

    So let's see what we can come up with....Here is a journal of something I thought up, to show MrMarket who really is the MasterBlaster. I am thinking that I want to buy "A Stock A Day" with his own 15% target rule and "my quanitative counter-approach to hugeness"

    What do you guys/gals and wifey's think?

    Michael B.
  2. Guys don't let him do it....he is hard enough to live with.

    You need to understand that my husband is a Savant and he really is not rational. If you think of the movie, "Rainmain"...he would be Dustin! If it were not for the Med's he would have been institutionalized years ago.....

    Please discourage this or I am leaving!

    As an example..... last night when we went to bed, he jumps up and starts flexing his biceps....then he says I am enormous....I say yes honey now come to bed....after laying there for a few minutes he says...honey....I am going to start a journal on ET. I asked him what is ET?. Well, the next morning I called his therapist to see if I could help, and his doctors advice is to not encourage this....he could blow.....

  3. Guys...Just go along with him for now.....I regret my post here. Electric wanted me to tell you his pick at the open this morning was


    He choose NDE because his quanitative ranking model had this "Stock on Sale at Walmart" type of entry.

    He choose TLT because someone named Nitro posted it here....Electric said something about it being an alternative place to park cash....All I want to know is, WHO is Nitro? How long has he been talking to my husband? All this time I thought that my husband was on the internet talking to his therapist each evening!

    TYL is his pick tomorrow if there will be a tomorrow.....

  4. I really do not understand how you folks here have occupied my husband countless evenings....I have just learned about the search button and wanted to see what has happened to my husband.

    I thought I knew him.......He comes off like this reasonable, experienced trader with both feet on the ground...and has many followers....Well, let me tell you a thing or two.....oh wait I got to go, he is coming...

    By the way I forgot to tell you ...that he has started a mutual fund here with his posts on this thread:


    I really got to go....

  5. Well...Electric is busy with his quantitative ranking tool that he uses to come up with his "stock a day" . I got to hurry....


    he ranks IB1 then deletes<50
    TS5 <50
    then averages all, then picks from the top of the resulting list.

    I was able to sneak in here to tell you guys that Electric has gone over the edge....He has been up all night tinkering with his "Quantitative Model" which is only that link above. He will try to tell you it's his proprietary something or other. Electric will tell you his knowledge is due to his ivy league breeding.... bullshit..more like his part-time Junior College education...HE IS DELUSIONAL

    He yelled at 3:00 o'clock this AM when he logged into ET and saw my posts.....I pretended I was asleep. I woke up this AM to find him doing pushups and lifting dumbbells...He asked me to measure his biceps.....I have heard everything!!! I nearly threw my bowl of oatmeal at him....Can you guys please help me....he has got to go to sleep sometime!

    Here he comes down the hall....I can hear him mumbling something about....."i ne nee stops stopsss...."

    I gotta go....he needs his meds...

    I will let you know what tomorrow's pick is later on tonight...cya


    P.S. by the way, boy wonder's mutual fund is down $196.40 already!

  6. nkhoi


  7. ULBI

    You know even I know never to buy on the open! To much freedom for the MM and the Specialist.... I asked Electric for a blank check and he said ...for what? I said ..."You don't ask the MM why"? He stormed out of the room muttering something about after the first hour is when I enter.....

    I guess you guys know that.....but he has this mutual fund tracking his results so he is going to enter MOO to keep it negative... I told you he is not right...something wrong with his head...

    He passed out after being awake nearly 48 hrs....so if you have any questions please ask...I will try to tell you what I have overheard from him...but I really do not have the experience that you professionals have, ok?

  8. Here is wonder boy's pick for tomorrow....


    TYL +5.99% 10k position
    ULBI +4.54% 10k position
    TLT +0.62% 10k position
    NDE -0.22% 10k position

    Each stock added will be as close to an investment of 10k with the nearest 100 lot increment. Up to 100 positions could be held with profit exits at 15% ....have not decided on stops yet.....any ideas? Electric was thinking about -5% hard stops.....(1:3 ratio) But again these are good stocks at "on sale" prices....so just waiting and exiting at 15% profit might cover the laggards. But no one is a perfect picker except for Mr. Market so there must be stops....


    This fund at this link reflects the trades called here each evening....building to 1 million at the rate of "one stock a day"

  9. what i think is..

    i doubt you could bench 135.

    tha tha thats what i think!

  10. ertrader1

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    Let me guess , Another 9 to 5 couple trying to gain so ego power by only going long.

    Whats a matter with these cubical Jocks, not enough paper work to do, not enough TSP reports to file, not enough ass kissing in the corporate office so you gota come and try and show you can play the market?

    What happend....your 401K came back so now you decide to trade ur IRA.

    Or are you retired and just bord?

    This kinda shit needs to be posted on Yahoo chat bords and one's personal website.

    ET needs a serious pipe cleaning.....to many fucking amatures on this site........
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