A Step Back In Time........."1981"

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  1. In 1981 while working for Business International Corp (CIA front company.....very well known throughout all intelligence community), barry s travels to pakistan with an indonesian passport (can't get that with a US birth certificate.....LOL).

    So.......do you know who he went to see and why???

    Keep digging........do your DUE DILIGENCE!!! :cool:
  2. You're Insane

  3. It will probably never sink into you , that if BIC was a front company for the CIA , then traveling to Pakistan on an Indonesian/false passport was a matter of American Intelligence work ....right ?
  4. Nope....just a former US Army Ranger who has been directly involved with operations in several regions and knows FIRST HAND how this world is put together.

    The world you watch from your couch is not all that real......just a great show (no matter what channel you prefer). :eek:
  5. Ah.....you do know who put barry s into BIC right???

    Did you know that barry s mother worked for Peter Geithner (father to Timmy boy Giethner.....NY FED branch minion asset) at the CIA front Ford Foundation???

    Did you know that barry s natural father was involved with agency ops in kenya???

    Did you know that barry S stepfather was involved with agency ops in indonesia???

    Heck, barry s WHOLE family ALL have ties to agency ops way before barry s joined the fun at BIC through HIS HANDLER......... Zbigniew Brzezinski!!! :eek:

    YOU have all been CONNED so bad on this new minion asset president.......BLOOD is on YOUR HANDS for this CON! :eek:
  6. Exactly right. 90% of the morons on ET are living in some deluded fantasy world. This place is really just catering to the lowest common denominator.

    Fucking idiots, plain and simple.

  7. Did you know that ''all this'' was done in your name...for your safety and security. :p
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    Sounds like some sort of cult, aiming to infiltrate the gov't.

  9. I'm just saying....don't get too fond of the LCD title. :p