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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by murfy_kl, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. murfy_kl


    Can your main sorting page show the performance since start instead of the default "last 12 months" performance. A service that started few weeks ago and made +1000 pips just by gambling will show on high positions which doesn't reflect their reliabilty. Many services jumped to a high position for few weeks before going down. I think it will b better that the default sorting shows performance since start then we can choose to check last 12 months,6 months..etc.
  2. fx-auto

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    Hi Murfy,
    Use number of trades in conjuntion with performance to assess signal provider.
    Obviously, the higher number of data points (trades) will increase the confidence factor within a system.
  3. Santos30


    I agree with Murphy that the last 12 months performance should not be the default sorting page. It' very misleading. Clayburg almost disappeared from the first page after the huge losses they made recently and all of a sudden i see them on the top again # 4. They didn't recover any losses, just their huge loss made in the 2nd half of August 2006 were removed from the performance page so their position was pumped up.
    I suggest that the default sorting is performnace since inception then users can choose to view last year, last 6 months, last month. I remember it was like that when Fx-auto started.
  4. Terry_G


    Ofcourse it will be much better to arrange performance by rsults since beginning of the service. Anyway, Fx-auto team are very wird. They insist to show some losers on the top for years. Clayburg for examply is one of the worest services that i ever tried. Huge drawdowns and total performance since beginning is just a hige loss on all pairs except EUR/USD which was almost 800 pips last week and Clayburg was going to disappear from 1st page but few days again they are number 3 on the list with +2400 pips. How did they recover?!!! Ask fx-auto.

    I advice you to use some other serious and honest service to check performance of different providers.
    Check this
    You will find the performance since start and then you can change the period. You will not find there losers like Clayburg.
    Check also www.strategyrunner.com
  5. Peter35


    Fx-auto is losing credibilty as long as they keep services like Clayburg on the top of their main performance page. Clayburg EUR/USD last 12 months shows +2061 pips and they are ranked #2. If you check their EUR/USD results since start, it's +41 pips from 1250 trades! This's their best performing pair. No need to talk about other pairs.
    I don't understand why fx-auto insists on show the last 12 months performance on the main page. It woule be better to show performance since start and to have an option to check last 12 months.
    Anyway, i think fx-auto don't even read this foum at all.
  6. fx-auto

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    Hi Guys,
    Whilst we are appreciative of your opinions. We respond only to our live client requests, if they want last 12months tabulated then so be it.

    Yes, Clayburg is 2nd in last 12 months performance, the stats are not lying.

    We are changing the performance page so you can filter performance between date ranges,
  7. fx-auto

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    Hi Terryg,
    If you would apply as much thought as posting other autotrading services you would have figured it out by now why Clayburg went to 2nd from nowhere.

  8. Peter35


    I'm sorry. I shouldn't even care to come here and read this section as long as you just care about your clients!

    NB. I was a live client for 6 months in 2006 and i lost a big sum of money by following the top 3 signal providers that your website at that time.
  9. q827


    U picked Clayburg? lol