A solution to the oil crisis: Ban all new Suv and large trucks sales

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  1. The only allowable use would be for commercial or business use of suv or trucks. That is the only way solve the oil crisis in the short term. No need to fight a war in Iran for more oil, you are solving the crisis in house. You people say that you are in a state of war, and in war you need sacrafices. Sacrifice your suv's and large trucks.
  2. There should be an extra tax levied against Hummers, Suburbans, and Excursions, and all of these super duty size trucks. If you are a farmer maybe, but you should see the yuppie moms driving them here in Denver. They can't see over the damn steering wheels. They would tell you all this crap about their kids having all this hockey equipment. BS! In the 70's families got buy with station wagons no problem, so let them get a Subaru or a V6 Minivan. These people are the problem.
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    One suggestion. Americans should take one less vacation this year and sit at home on a long weekend. Can we make such a huge sacrifice. i doubt it.

    While the rest of the third world is worrying that increasing gas prices are taking a toll on their livelyhood, Americans have started to worry how their memorial day weekend and vacation is going to be ruined/affected as they have to spend more at the pump.
  4. I doing a hybrid approach. I have relatives coming from Europe that want to drive to national parks. It's a once in a lifetime visit so I am not going to cancel. I am driving the 4 banger Toyota Corolla that runs on 85 and leaving the Camry that runs on 91 at home. Saves money and gas, 38 mpg on highway.
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    There is a simple solution - it is the same as for taxes. All you liberals who want to raise taxes - you go right ahead and pay more taxes. Why wait for the government? If you are sure that higher taxes are necessary, just pay more. No doubt you will sleep better for it.

    And all you liberals who want to dictate how others live their lives - just go ahead and stop driving. Why do you have to wait for the government to mandate solutions? If you think that reducing consumption of gas is the solution, then stop consuming.

    Incidently, one Gulfstream liberal trip accross the country by say, anti-SUV crusader Arianna Huffington, equals enough fuel to supply my SUV for months. Go talk to her about conservation...
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  7. Well how much fuel does your boy on Air Force One burn, probably more than that gulfstream? He sure visited New Orleans quite a bit to save his poll numbers, quite a bit of jet fuel, was it needed? And by the way I am moderate conservative in favor of putting the military on the border to stop illegals. I am a real liberal right? You sound defensive I wonder why? :p
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    So now your solution is to ground Air Force One?!? But only when Bush is president, right?

    Claim what you wish - most liberals are ashamed of being identified as being liberals. But you are easy to spot...
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    Forget banning SUV's and large trucks, just pass a law banning poverty. Raise the minimum wage to at least $30 /hr, the whole country will be rich and we can all afford anything we want! Oh how I love the government, they can solve all of our problems :p
  10. The gummint screwed this up too (not even a mistake.. just political greed). It was criminal negligence when they excluded SUVs as "trucks", rather classifying them as "cars".

    What they should have done was mandate that all vehicles meet minimum MPG standards... that "cars" have engines no bigger than 1200cc. And if it takes 12 seconds 0-60, so be it. We would have had hybrids long before we did and all cars would be averaging 35 MPG right now.
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