A Socioeconomic soultion to the world's problem.

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  1. I propose a smart strategy for an improved world socio-economic policy to offer a genrous lump some, relative to current income, to any male that will undergo vasectomy procedure.

    Imagine what the world would look like in 20 years.
  2. Wonderful, another hitler with his own version of the final solution to the population problem.
  3. Or you can stop giving people tax breaks for having kids.

    Or getting married. I never understood that one.
  4. Lucrum


    While this idea will of course never fly in the face of today's pussyified bleeding heart mentality, preventing pregnancies is hardly the same as throwing babies into gas chambers.
  5. Actually, growth depends upon having MORE people (population growth) rather than less.

    See what's happening to Japan? Europe's next.
  6. and..where do you propose that this stop !!! 9 billion, 12 billion people !?!? EVERY environmental problem we have is caused by overpopulation. Better to change the world's economic system into one of equitable distribution and limit, better yet, REDUCE populations than to keep perpetuating the concept that it requires more and more young to support the ever-growing and increasingly worthless old.

    Of course, with all 4 major religions opposed to such commonsense, it won't happen, and our planet will grow increasely destitute. Mankind will end in a whimper.
  8. In third world countries, the bleeding hearts have established many subsidy "humanitarian" programs, among them, a program for young single mothers.

    Guess what?
    Now teenagers are getting pregnant for a measly $30 subsidy.

    So as disgusting as the OP proposal is, they are already doing it, just the other way around.

    This nonsense got to stop.

    Obama now wants to subsidy abortions in poor countries, I think poor girls will get pregnant just to be able to have an abortion.