A slow slide to 10,000

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  1. Eat that. Dow 10K and it will get there, little rallies as the feds cut with downturns. Market will Oscillate up down up down towards 10,000 and then the FED has no more ammo left.

    Stagflation in 12 months.
  2. The single fact that you reference the Dow and not he SP500 shows how serious one should take you.
  3. ha ha what a loser. Like those who said the dow would fall under 7000 in 2002. Didn't happen.
  4. Don't even get me started with the S&P.

    Dow 10K like it or not a slow downward trend to 10K
  5. With the cheap cash, property bubble etc.. the dow aint gonna touch 7K back then, This is a whole different story.
  6. Well looks like the slide continues. All those naysayers saying that it was not possible. Well we are 11229 and today we will probably touch 11000.

    Slow slide, Like I said.
  7. BOOM!!!

    Love to short!!
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    10k is coming, where we go after that I believe is further down, at that point I would consider it a buying opportunity.
  9. Look at GE folks scrambling to get in. Its trading like an inverse fund to the dow :)
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    I agree with the 10k but I think in 12 months we are going to be experiencing deflation not stagflation.
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