A slap in the face to all 9/11 victims.

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  1. Try to imagine that a family member of yours was killed by a murderer. The police go looking for him and do not find him. 10 years later there is a knock on your door and the police say "We found and killed the murderer...sorry you cant see his body because we already dumped it in the ocean,but trust us...we got him"

    If I had a family member in the WTC or the airplanes, I would be so livid right now that they didnt give me that closure.
  2. You're not very bright, are you?
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    I don't see it that way. It's not like they would put the body on display. I'm sure we will see the evidence those folks need to receive closure. Although many of us don't trust Obama we do still trust the individual words of our service men and women. I just think it would be great if they video taped the sharks tearing him apart in the ocean.
  4. Yeah, we should trust the individual words of our service men & women....

    Sooooo....have you specifically heard from one of them that were actually there? Yeah, me either.

  5. You seem to have got over the thousands you lost when silver tanked yesterday very quickly(because of Laden's death).......or was it just paper money?

    Maybe you were playing the sympathy card....like you are doing right now.
  6. Especially if they'd used pig's blood for chum.
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    That reminds me of a story I heard. Snopes say's it "undetermined".


    Obama...oooops I meant Osama should have been publicly buried with a pig.
  8. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Pretty easy to make the call once the future has already arrived, right?

    Yeah it was paper money i lost because the US dollar was made of paper last time I checked.

    Still have the same amount of silver though and still up 10s of thousands from when I bought.