A Site That Pits Jim Cramer Against A Monkey

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ByLoSellHi, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. hahaha that is great - Maybe the monkey should get a spot on cnbc
  2. LOL!! fantastic....
  3. did you guys watch the show today?..he completely trashed his set with cerial lol.
  4. cheeks



    Thank you. I enjoyed that very much!
  5. Joab


    You guys are fools.

    Cramer is one of the best on Wall St. but even the best are only as good as the current market conditions.

    I don't nessessarily like Cramer that much but I do respect his long track record and I give him the respect that, that deserves.
  6. What does this statement really mean?

    Does it mean that a rising stock market lifts most boats, and that a falling stock market sinks most boats?

    And that Cramer can make "good" calls in a rising market, but not in a falling one?

    I knew as much.
  7. What does Cramer's current TV gig have to do with his hedge fund days and his "track record?"

    Think he made those returns picking stocks with some great "insight" ... during a bull market?

    Then why can't he do better than random now?

    Gee, wonder how he did it? He must have been some kind of stock pickin' wizard back then, huh...

  8. Joab


    It means that even the best in this business the ones with the most consistency can only out perform the averages proportionately.

    Managing millions is a very different business and you need to get real about that.
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