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  1. I find the ask price is always greater than bid price in market depth

    what is the relationship among ask bid and last trade price?

    thank you
  2. Ask is always above the bid. Participants sell on the ask and buy on the bid. That's why market depth has ask on the right and bid on the left.

    The relationship to last trade really has no use. There could be several factors for it.

    Are you referring to an outside print?
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    Who is your broker, mine is usually reversed!

    el surdo
  4. I use IB as brokage

    in the market depth I only could see five bid or ask price

    if I want to see more is there any way?
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    Have you tried looking at lunar cycles?
  6. what is it?
  7. One question is to what end as you seem to barely know the difference between the bid and the ask?
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    when you look at the size on the 5 bid prices and the 5 ask prices,it can be decieving,the old addage ,market always trades to size,is mostly not always true,when the big money wants to buy they throw up a lot of size offers hoping to keep the price low while they are buying and pull them 1 price at a time as the mrket moves up and vice versa,so if today you saw there were a lot more offers than bids and the market went up,that is why.
  9. if the ask bid spread is large

    how the trade price is determined
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    if the bid is 2 and the ask is 6,it will stay that way til you decide to bid 3 ,then it will be 3-6,people determine it.
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