A sign of the times?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Thunderdog, Feb 16, 2009.

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  2. I've always wondered what was the point of working in the private sector if there isn't a pension and full benefits.
  3. harkm


    You make more money in the private sector. :confused:
  4. Not anymore.
  5. I worked in both as an engineer. Private industry couldn't hold a candle to the federal government as far as my pay and benefits were concerned plus I retired at 50.
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    Then why not have everybody work in the public sector? We will all make tons of money.
  7. That is your choice. They are hiring right now but no more pension plan or so I'm told. lol
  8. jjf


    I think that has been tried already.
    Let me think, ahhhh yes Russia and China and then Vietnam tried to start it off.

    As I recall 500,000 young folks joined the US public sector in order to go to Vietnam and prevent those folks from working for the Vietnam public sector.

    Can you image public servants fighting each other.

    What ever will the world get up to next.
  9. Unfortunately, this is not sustainable. The UK has been playing this game, but, just like many other things, it seems to be coming to an abrupt and painful end. The public sector pension deficit is estimated to widen to arnd 100% of GDP in the next few years.
  10. oh my god, I can't believe that ever happened, wow, totally unbelievable

    nothing sucks more than working for a government, any government, being a gay prostitute is many times better
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