A Sign of the Times

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Albert Cibiades, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. A local spic groceria which usually advertises solely en espagnole now soutitres en anglais:

    menudo regular, 77 cents a pound (tripe)

    patas de puerco, 99 cents (raw pigs' feet)

    lengua de res, a whopping $1.89 (beef tongue)

    I guess they are now wanting to attract po' white trash that think pigs are walking too much and cows are talking too much.

    Hard times is here!
  2. Are you finding that more and more of your formerly white trash friends are striking matches rather than using room deodorizer to mask the unmistakeable aroma of a dump? By my careful calculation one free bar match is infinitely more cost effective than that $10 high fashion cachet spray your trophy wife uses.
  3. ElCubano


    Rabo de res....$12.00 for the pack I am cooking right now...I told my wife no more..:D
  4. Spicking of cubano, the wife and I white-trash vacationed in Miami Bitch last weekend using points. I did not understand why all the ortho hebes on the South Bitch boardwalk coming back from Temple on Shabbat had such long faces. The Made-Off disaster, of course! Half of them were indistinguishable from ragheads. Did Madoff screw them in error?