A sign of the collapsing conservative movement?

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  1. One of the founders of Redstate and its current director, is calling it quits.
    On the parting shot at the current Republican presidential field, he certainly did not mince words:

    First: I have withheld any statement of support for any GOP Presidential candidate because it seemed like bad idea, as a Director of the site, to make such an endorsement, and -- God, how I've waited to say this -- because the whole damned lot can go to Hell. What an incompetent mass of horse rear-flesh bound up in what, on paper, is one of the most talented groups the GOP has ever had. I could go on, but the full thing is in my concurrently posted piece, And the horses you all rode in on, one at a time, then rotate.


    Third: Oh, how I've longed to say this -- to the astroturfing advance scouts of certain political campaigns, many of whom alternate between singlehandedly driving the collective IQ of the site from above 100 to just above 1, and to suddenly turning out pieces that magically change writing styles and abilities: I hope your conscience lets you sleep well at night, because were I the little angel on your shoulder, I'd be trying out an Ogre Battle style halo shot on your skull nightly.

    Fourth, because no one else will say this: Mitt Romney belongs to a cult. Not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; that's no cult. His freaking political campaign is a cult, and I could have been one of his supporters but for the cult he founded. A pox on everyone formally associated with the campaign, and indeed, everyone ever formally associated with that cult.


    Sixth: To all the banned Ron Paul supporters who've filled my inbox lately: Go worship your Nazi-coddler in the privacy of your own home, and stop wasting my Party's time with it. Oh, and **** Ron Paul.

    It looks like working for the Republican Party all these years has taken its toll. Poor guy.
  2. The real parting shots by this guy are here:
    And he certainly did not hold punches:

    To 9iu11ani:
    Now, your personal life is, let's put this delicately, FUBAR; but your decision not to deal with it early in the campaign is, as near as I can discern, not a function of dengue-fever level stupidity, but rather an insistence that the world reorder itself to you.

    To Willard:
    Your campaign is run like a cult-of-personality version of Amway.

    To St. John:
    That you're clearly nuts isn't the problem; I don't know that we'd mind a nutter for the Presidency.

    To "the second coming of Huey Long":
    No dice, preacher man.

    To invisible Freddie:
    (1) What the Hell is wrong with you?
    (2) Why are you running some weird amalgam of Phil Gramm's and Bob Dole's 1996 campaigns?
  3. the appearance of chucky norris at huckabee meeting.
  4. Pro-lifer Huckabee is questioning whether Mitt is soft on crime because the then Mass gov. didn't have any executions. Odd that to get the pro-life vote in this country one has to really have a record of killing people or want to kill or harm people (ie Mitt's doubling Gitmo in the SC debate brought a thuderous roar from the crowd).

    I'm guessing the Jesus factor is pushing the Christian up in the polls because if you look at some of the numbers regarding his plan to replace the income tax with a sales tax, it looks like he wants to do what he did as governor and that is raise taxes:

  5. You mean collapse of the democrat liberal movement, since McCain, Gouliani, and Romney are at best democrats, and more like liberals than any kind of conservative. Maybe that is lost on you James Bond, do you think Bush is a conservative because the democrat party and their media told you? In all reality Bush is far more liberal of a President than the liberal before him - Clinton. In terms of spending, corruption, destroying the Military (and Bush didn't even need homosexuals to do it), distruction of national sovereignty, with "conservatives" like Bush and similar dunces like McCain, Gouliani, Huckabee, Romney, etc. (all whom you apparently think to be part of a conservative movement) is there even a need for a democrat party??
  6. I never thought that any of the candidates were part of the conservative movement. Your reading ability is quite pitiful.

    There once was a Republican Party which claimed to stand for conservative principles and was supported by the conservative movement. Today, by your admission, all of the viable candidates, Democrat or Republican, are liberals.

    Doesn't the lack of viable candidates from a particular movement represents the collapse of that movement?
  7. You wrote the header to this thread: A sign of the collapsing conservative movement.
  8. Did you read the post? Do you need a translator?