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    paper trading can only do so much, it is when real money is on the line where the markets bring out every emotional defect you have. Like lilduckling said on his new thread, risk small capital so you can stay in the game long enough to learn.
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  2. I used to think this was true but now I completely disagree.

    If you can build enough skills to stay consistent for 6 months of SIM then it will only naturally follow over.

    Good trading is all about GOOD habits.

    Trust me on this one SIM for 6 months of consistent trading before risking a dime and you will thank me for life.
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    That's only one component of why real trading is different than paper trading...

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  4. Samson,
    I couldn't agree more with you on this point. Once all the layers of the onion are peeled off, you end up with good habits or another line of work.
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  5. I was generally referring more to equities and a day when materially "all" the players were long-only. As such, any hiccup to the downside would cause liquidation which would trip other liquidation and so on and so on. Now, there is more natural bid interest on down moves due to an increased number of two-way players and not just mutual funds or individuals who are only long. To be sure, the vast majority of the players are still long-only, however, the added shorts has reduced volatility of equities, no question.

    As for FX, that market has always been two-sided (longs and shorts).

    Best, Neal.
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  6. Reading your post is like reading the ads in Futures magazine...LOL......

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  7. You have a 1 in 20 chance of succeeding in this business.

    Thems not good odds.

    You have to work hard to succeed in this business, 10,000s
    of hours of hard work and 10,000s of dollars in tuition.

    The only short cut is getting a good coach to show you the way,
    otherwise expect the long hard road ahead which 95% of traders
    do not survive.
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    I don't believe in all these stats and ramblings that it's so hard to make it in this business. That's the thing that draws me to this business...If you put the time into it, educate yourself and follow it religiously, and study various aspects of the business you will be successful. The people who are successful are the people who can make quick decisions, have balls, and understand making trades based on favorable risk/reward profiles. On the other hand, people who ONLY study and except to come in and profit in their first weeks, months, years etc. will fail. The learning curve varies for each person, but if you enter the market w/o a vision you will fail.

    If you keep to it, work on it and follow the market, you will be successful.

    It takes time.
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    When do you open your account?

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    It's open:D
    and running fine
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