A shoulder to cry on

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  1. i found that i was almost as emotional with paper trading as i was with live money! this helped identify some problems.

    perhaps the best course is - trade live, get burned, switch to paper, sort it out, go back to live. every time you lose a certain sum you predetermine because of your emotions, go back to paper until you sort yourself out. then go back live.

    another thing - it is highly preferable that trading is not the central thing in your life, and that your future doesn't depend on your trading success. under these ideal conditions, you'll be much less emotional. whether you can create such an environment for yourself or not.. that's another story.
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  2. Trading it is simply a computer game.
    As soon as you are terminated, well ,what the heck, lets start a new game.

    On the other hand, one should make the game a little more interesting. Like hacking into the program and get hold of the super icon. Then you become immortal and you have all the time in the world to reach whatever level you want including the highest possible level.

    Make trading like playing a computer game and try to hack into the market to get hold of the 'holy grail'. With this sort of mindset you just can't be beaten by fear or by greed or by...

    I know, I know, there is no such thing as a holy grail, but since you are playing a game, the holy grail is real.
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