A Serious Question about an ET Moderator

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hapaboy, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. The Chit Chat Forum is often an emotional, volatile cyber meeting ground where opposing views are often heated and barbs and insults are thrown left and right. Most of us accept that as a facet of the forum, which was created precisely to provide a venue for these exchanges away from the other forums, like "trading".

    However, it is obvious that moderator dgabriel does not understand that.

    Why is it that when he gets as good as he gives, or better, he reacts like a little Goebbels Mini-Me and threatens banishment?

    If he finds some posters so unbearable, why does he not live up to his own stated promises and put those of us who he disagrees with on IGNORE, instead of continuing to engage in exchanges which obviously cause him to snap? Should we have to suffer because he can't control his emotions? Why isn't he using the Ignore button like the rest of us? Is he so special that he is exempt from using the Ignore function? Does he expect that, instead, those who oppose his views must change to accomodate him?

    And how can he complain about supposed "tasteless" comments thrown his way when he not only allows profanity but has used it himself to the extent that he, a "moderator," has had his profanity policed by another moderator?

    I'm confident that if ETers look at the post in question, my ENTIRE post - http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=235111#post235111 - they will see that dgabriel asked me a sarcastic question and I responded in kind, and also I'm sure will agree that far more "tasteless" comments have been and are still posted almost every day in this forum. Why haven't those posters been threatened with banishment?

    I'll tell you why: Because Baron and most of the moderators here understand what the Chit Chat forum is all about. Dgabriel obviously doesn't. I mean hey, Babak is constantly arguing against msfe and Co., often emotionally, but does he suddenly cry out like a little baby and threaten msfe with banishment? No. Furthermore, msfe uses up more bandwidth in one day than I will in a month thanks to his lengthy cut and pastes, and insults far more ETers on a daily basis than I do, including dgabriel (!).

    If dgabriel is going to threaten banishment, he ought to at least have the guts to answer the questions I've posed, and this thread ought to be kept open so he can do so.
  2. frankly, hapaboy, you just scored an ignore behind mondo and the vinnies...

    i find this following statement of yours to be, well, deviant at best and frightening at worst. your public display of your homosexual fantasies where you fondly imagine the sodomistic violation of another man is truly fucked up and i don't want to hear any more of it.

    'I have only one battlefield fantasy, really. It goes like this: You and ETers like you are in Najaf being held by the Feyadeen Saddam and being used as boy toys several times a day. Upon being rescued by the 3rd I.D., the first thing out of your mouth (other than DNA cocktails from several of your new boyfriends), is "How dare you invade this country? You don't have support of the UN! This has nothing to do with the fight against terrorism! Why are you here?!?" '

    keep your perverted thoughts to yourself, friend.
  3. bung, did your read the ENTIRE post? Hey, he asked a sarcastic question, and I responded in kind!

    Nevertheless, I applaud your choice to put me on Ignore. I wrote something that offended you, and you have made the decision to ignore me. That is the way it's supposed to be. Wasn't hard was it? You just click on Ignore, and VOILA! Problem solved.

    Now, if it's so simple, why can't dgabriel do the same? :confused:
  4. This is the first time I find myself in agreement with hapaboy... if dgabriel disagrees with someone, his immature and pathetic response is to threaten to ban them...

    Babak, on the otherhand, engages with those who he disagrees...

    The difference is obvious: dgabriel is an emotionally-driven and childish moderator and Babak is a sophisticated, mature moderator... I wouldn't be surprised (given these personality traits) if Babak kicks dgab's ass in trading...
  5. First time we've agreed on something, Candle?

    Ouch, that hurt. Deep wounds Brother C, deep wounds..:D
  6. Moderators cannot ban anyone from this site. they can only delete or edit threads in the forum they moderate. Is it possible that dg actually meant that he was putting you on ignore?
  7. A disagreement is fine, a vociferous disagreement is fine. Snide remarks are acceptable. I did not complain to others when Hapaboy intiated and repeatedly attacked me personally, and were I to quote such remarks of his, I would not have enough room in one post.

    But that post I referred to and to which Bungrider so aptly recoiled in disgust is so far beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse, so far beyond the pale of even normal revulsion, that it crosses a clear line into the area of profanity and hate speech. Bungrider said it all. My opinion is that such moral degeneracy as conjured by Hapaboy and voiced in his post is not the sort of speech to be accepted in a private forum.

    Candletrader, had you been describing yourself with those very words, I don't think there would be a word of disagreement.
  8. Deflection: the first sign of defeat!

  9. We've got a moderator using this forum as his own personal anti-american pulpit, and now he wants to ban somebody for saying something he doesnt' like !!!

    LOL ! thats really funny ! Hypocrisy without end !

    I find all of dgabriels anti-american remarks offensive. If we get rid of Hapaboy get rid of Dgabriel at the same time !
  10. Do the American thing hapas: smoke him out and give him justice!
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