A select few Move the markets

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  1. This a chart of NQ crystallizes this more than ever. We are being played with on a grand scale.. last few days to the chagrin of most bears here on ET 1954 is a wall.. Today, after a VERY convincing (after last 12 months you better be convinced) 1972 break you would think 1966 should become support right?? Nope, even 1954 gives way (AND breaking a TL from Feb 9th) with such ease there must be those with serious money that decided 1954 should be broken today.

    In the current markets ANY short-term direction cannot be trusted.. The fleecing is very hard to deal with. As crooked a market as I have ever seen...
  2. The price action is pretty normal if you ask me. (look at previous highs)

    We had a strong opening on high volume from a multi-day congestion. Also note the late day buying near the close yesterday. The combination of the two implies a major pivot above should be tested.

    You can call it whatever you want but your job is to identify what's happening and attempt to profit from it.

    Good Luck. [Sometimes you need to rally to break and break to rally / case in point today NQ.]
  3. Strong open on high volume yes??? So Prior resistance becomes support with the "high volume" validating the breakout?? This is one reason I have tired of watching volume.. they use it to tell lies.. a lot.

    The markets are what they are and I do take responsibility for losses no problem but just validating the evenness of the playing field. A buy at 1966 was a decent idea right?? (with a stop).
  4. It's breaking out from a multi day value area on strong volume. Look at the first 5 minute bar (initiative buying).

    If that's not screaming long than I don't know what is.
  5. The monster players in the pit move the markets (if they are having a good day), other than that look at algos to move the market.
  6. I don't chase at open so I was a spectator until 1977 and the decline to 1966.
  7. I suppose it is routine in that until the everybody including bears decide it's a long market (doubtless quite a few over 1972) markets don't drop... They must fall of their own weight, like too many monkeys on a tree..
  8. Bro you got caught off guard. It happens. But like I said when you see something like that happen you have to either hid the offer or back off until the next level.

    Forget about manipulation or whatever that's not your game -- you job is to observe and react -- that's it.
  9. chart looks fine to me. Looks like the market made an April fool out of you. :D
  10. That I fully agree with... a 35 point drop out of the blue with barely any decent pullbacks after I realized I was the Donkey..
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