a secret to win in trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mounafia, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. mounafia


    Place your stop loss, place your Take Profit....close your platform ( just let an alert that make a sound when the SL or the TP is touched).

    Rince and repeat....

    it works also in daytrading.

    no feeling, no emotions, just pure analyse.
  2. doesn't work for Gann analysis
  3. An even better secret: Don't trade at all, invest!
  4. Nexen


    Buy during fear, sell during euphoria.

    Make sure proper money management is used.
  5. Thats because first you need a strategy that makes money
  6. Mr.Smith


    mounafia and Nexen ))))))
    I like your advices )) respect !!!

    what I'v noticed important for trading is ... RULES !!! many RULES either just one RULE !!!
  7. Some of the important factors in trading are many of things that most traders don't do or have.

    That includes:

    1. Having a quantified plan
    2. Rules
    3. Discipline

    If you don't have at least those 3, you're usually on a road to failure.
  8. toc


    'no feeling, no emotions, just pure analyse.'

    right said, one older trader whom i had lots of respect for used to say the same thing..........watching the market tick for tick you end up screwing your own trade.

    Bottomline is if the system or strategy works then let it run on its own and having stops both for loss and profit makes lots of sense. :D :cool: :)