A second politics and religion forum ?

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  1. I suggest a second politics and religion forum subject to the same rules of the rest of the board.There were numerous smart posters who offered a lot to the forum and debated respectfully who were run off do to the nature of the current P&R forum.There are even conservatives who debate civilly who no longer visit or post as often due the nature of the current P&R section.Lets get some of those guys back and have a place where members can have civil political debate and let the other guys who like the current P&R environment have their P&R forum.
  2. Having me on ignore isn't keeping you from getting your ass kicked eh?:D :D
  3. wjk


    This is laughable. You debate? Shit, you are nothing more than a trained shill for the WH, an incessant cheerleader. Intelligent debate is way over your head. You have to have at least a partially open mind for that. What you want is a forum where everyone agrees with you.
  4. Baron

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    I appreciate the feedback but moderating a new off-topic forum with stricter rules is beyond the scope of this site.
  5. Tsing Tao

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    AK47 doesn't debate. He merely posts his point, puts everyone else on ignore and when challenged, reposts the same nonsense that was originally debunked.
  6. huffpoo is for folks like you .
    Post enough and you get moderator privileges allowing you to delete posts you don't like.
    Because evidently the staff is too busy to censor posts that make you liberals look like the idiots that you are.